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  • kai

    the ass cleavage in no. 12 is simply mouth watering, the 8-pack he shows in just about all the other pics is simply unfair to normal mortals…I won´t be eating ANYTHING today

  • dvlaries

    An excellent bold set. It’s near impossible to imagine Andrei ever having a lonely night.

  • OH Charlie

    he is AMAZING!!!….#12 is HOTT!!!

  • Meowzer

    Absolutely hot. Would have loved to see something that showed he lived up to his name. Nothing showing the “giant”. Great pics none the less.

  • Ricky

    who cares if the goods are small enough to fit in his hand.. #12 — best picture this week. Reverse ass cleavage. nice…

  • Dirty Ole Man

    #9 and #12 are the only ones worth seeing.

    Why don’t Queerty just place all the pictures
    into small thumbnails? That way, users can click
    on the pic that they wish to see while glancing at
    the others. Having to click thru all of those
    images can be tiresome. JMO

  • I pliss

    the more you click the more hits they get! lol I don’t care for the face he makes to much tension in the bottom lip but some pics are hot.

  • romeo

    Something really hot about him. Maybe it’s the outtie.

  • Bob R

    @Dirty Ole Man: Because clicking on each photo is counted as a page view and justifies higher advertising fees. It’s a cheap trick to pad a websites popularity, but it’s a common practice.

  • terrwill

    @Ricky: Ever hear of “grower not a shower?” One of my FWBs is hung like a rasin when Mr.Softee is in the bed. However once the blood starts flowing and things start growing suddenly Mr 8.5″ makes an appearance…… : p

  • I pliss

    @terrwill: Tell us Terrwill what do you do with that Mr. 8.5?

  • Judith

    Andrei honey, all I have to say is you have done a really, really, good job getting into shape. My favorites are 3, 11, 13, 18. Oh and I like 12 too.

    Lovely, just lovely.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Love the wristbands and abs! Let’s grade cheese.

    Ft Damen Rockford

  • Daniel Webster

    @mikeandrewsdantescove: “GRADE” cheese? Well, you get an “F” for intelligence!

  • Ricky



    Now that you mention it.. I’ve never encountered a “show”er.

    Anyone? Anyone?

  • mark

    I don’t know if it’s the photographers or the models who in the last two days have had LOUSY copying of Herb Ritts very distintive images, either carrying tires, or draped with a chain around their body.
    Do they think no one will notice?

  • Rob Moore

    His face is not the usual pretty face; nonetheless, he has a very sexy presence. I agree with the others about #12.

    One question. Why is the word Giant included? Is it because his name is Andrei and flows from the late “wrestler”?

  • Dubya

    @Rob Moore: “DUH”!

  • T.

    having a low bodyfat % doesn’t make someone instantly attractive. in some of these pics he looks positively grotesque.

  • AB

    Love #18.

  • Pistol

    #12 makes me wanna f**k. Wow.

  • EWE

    I hate a tease.
    Oh pardon me, it’s ART. I forgot.

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