PHOTOS: GoGos Battle It Out To Be Andrew Christian Trophy Boy


San Francisco’s Beaux started the weekend right with GoGos, an underwear contest and underwear maven Andrew Christian himself. This was the kickoff event for a series of monthly parties in the search for the newest AC “Trophy Boy.”

Andrew’s boys were well behaved probably due to his official memo on public behavior for all Andrew Christian models.

The newest Castro bar and dancery is trying to attract a younger, clubbier crowd than predecessor Trigger while, somewhat conversely, charging higher-than-Castro-average for drinks, between $7-12 a pop for a single shot cocktail. Two shots, meanwhile, could actually buy you some backless skivvies.

Andrew Christian was co-hostess of the shirtless, pantless, shameless contest along queen Mahlae Balenciaga.

Have a gogo around pictures from the party…

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