PHOTOS: Andrew Christian Model Corey Has Us Feeling Very Ungodly

We can always count on Andrew Christian to deliver form-fitting swimsuits, underwear and casuals. And you can always count on Andrew Christian marketing campaigns to make us drool—in this case it’s lensman Gregory Frye‘s photos of model Corey in AC’s Almost Naked Infinity underwear.

Summer might be winding down (sigh) but looking at this hunk makes us want to go back to the beach post-haste.

Images via Gregory Frye and Andrew Christian

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  • rdysetdisco

    posed with a women despite who this line is geared toward.

  • Tony

    Cute, but too boyish for me. I give Andrew Christian points for the beautiful sorta, kinda, possibly, black ethnic-ish female model.

  • JoeyO'H

    Ugh! He looks like a 12 year old.

  • MikeE

    He has that “one expression fits all” look, as usual.. and basically looks like a hunk of plastic. He barely looks alive.
    I guess the writing on his side is the “instructions for use”? (probably says “not suitable for children with less than a million dollars in the bank”)

  • Travis Maguire

    I am sure he appeals to some, but I am not amongst them.

  • christopher di spirito

    I stopped looking at no. 5 because I already encountered two shots with a woman. Partially dressed women are a total turn off.

  • CJ

    While it’s nice to see a “morning goods” sort of return, the title is yet another divisive statement by Queerty against people of faith. This “new” Queerty over the past couple of months has been more about division and gossip than about quality gay issues, news and entertainment. A statement like: “PHOTOS: Andrew Christian Model Corey Has Us Feeling Very Ungodly” may be relatively harmless, and might play to the masses hear, is just another “jab” at religion. And, I have several friends who visit Queerty that are people of faith, people that are entertained by parts of this site – but certainly feel belittled by many of the comments that surface. These are LGBT individuals that attent LGBT friendly (inclusive) churches. These churches even take part in LGBT rallies and pride parades. Yet, these friends of mine get little respect for their personal beliefs. It’d be nice is we’re each given SOME respect in areas, even if some beliefs are slightly different. A LGBT person of faith isn’t self-hating. In the US alone, there are almost 7,000 LGBT friendly churches and this number is growing. Yet, Queerty and some posters here want to mock their beliefs, calling them fairytales or similar. At least lets show these people some respect and separate these LGBT friends from those who are against the LGBT community. There is a huge difference and each person should be allow constitutional freedoms of protection and discrimination, regardless of religion or sexual preference. The LGBT community should be respectful of others considering the discrimination we’ve faced. But, sometimes there is more intolerance within the LGBT community than in the general population. Again, this article is just a slight (very small) example of mocking people of faith. But, it reminds me of the many other times people openly mock people who are Catholic, Lutheran or whatever. Lets at least give respect to each other vs. fighting against each other.

  • phallus

    @rdysetdisco: The line is geared toward men no matter their sexual preference. Don’t imagine any retailer would turn away a customer who would buy this product whether they are female or male, straight or gay.

  • Ian

    This photo set explains why god included the lasso tool in photoshop…

  • AladinSane

    CJ, take your pills and chillax dood.

  • Stephan

    The chemistry between him and the female model is electric. The passion leaps off the page.

  • Ray

    Everyone should have underwear with a mutant fake bulge in the front!

  • peter


  • Bryan

    Everything about the photoshoot is too plastic and generic.

  • Meowzer

    CJ, you need to get over yourself. Seriously.
    I think Christian and gay are just about as impossible as Republican and gay.

  • christopher di spirito

    @CJ: CJ, based on your long, rambling diatribe, I might conclude that the Bible and the Baby Jebus has really fucked up your psyche.

  • kuy

    If you’re gonna put a woman in there, you might as well make her the center of attention too. I don’t like it when they put women in these photoes just to make it not gay, and i like women. Just don’t like being patronized.

  • fiorelle

    hottest and the best!!!!

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