PHOTOS: Are Scruffy Gay Guys A Trend Or Are They Here To Stay?

The Royal Family Attend Christmas Day Service At SandringhamBeards, beards everywhere — and we’re not referring to the Hollywood closet variety. Aside from the hirsute homophobes of the Duck Dynasty clan, 2013 was a banner year for facial hair and it appears 2014 will be just as warm and fuzzy. Today anchor Matt Lauer, who’s usually well-groomed, has increased his appeal with sexy salt-n-pepper stubble. Prince Hairy Harry returned from the South Pole and refused to shave off the full-grown ginger whiskers before holiday-ing with his grandmother the Queen. And don’t even get us started again on the hot ‘stache of the is-he-or-isn’t-he? quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Mustaches are no longer just for Movember and it’s not just the heteros who’ve gone all hairy. There hasn’t been this much unshaven gay action since the early ’80s when every queer between Christopher Street and WeHo was emulating Tom Selleck’s furry upper lip. Johnny Skandros, founder of the popular social app Scruff, expounded on the resurgence in facial fuzz in a recent interview with HuffPo, attributing it to a reaction against the metrosexual look of the stars of Will & Grace and Queer Eye cast from a decade ago. Tell us, Queerty readers, is this a trend? Will you be letting yours grow out this year?

Scroll down to see out entertainers who are ahead of the fuzzy curve.

Ricky Martin

The newly-single superstar grew a mustache when he starred in the Broadway revival of Evita and has been happily razor-free since his split, as demonstrated by this recent waterfall shower video.

Cheyenne Jackson's movie stache

 Cheyenne Jackson

The formerly-clean cut entertainer let his inner bad boy out last year when he split from his handsome hubby, grew a ’70s pornstache and adorned his bod with tattoos.

Russell Tovey-LMK-101615

Russell Tovey

We predict the sometimes scruffy British heart throb, best-known to American audiences for the BBC supernatural import Being Human, will become a bona-fide U.S. telly star soon when HBO’s Looking premieres later this month.

Zachary Quinto picture


Zachary Quinto

That’s not designer stubble — the versatile actor always has perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.


François Sagat 

A handsome fuzzy face has long been a trademark of the porn superstar-turned-clothing designer.

Adam Lambert

The pop singer sported facial hair through much of last year, including this trim mustache while performing “Lay Me Down,” (a collaboration with Nile Rogers of Chic legend!) during a New Year’s Eve concert in Oklahoma.

tumblr_mfzptdeDi11s29nn2o1_500Ben Whishaw

The popular Brit thespian almost always has some sort of wispy whiskers.


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