PHOTOS: Are Scruffy Gay Guys A Trend Or Are They Here To Stay?

The Royal Family Attend Christmas Day Service At SandringhamBeards, beards everywhere — and we’re not referring to the Hollywood closet variety. Aside from the hirsute homophobes of the Duck Dynasty clan, 2013 was a banner year for facial hair and it appears 2014 will be just as warm and fuzzy. Today anchor Matt Lauer, who’s usually well-groomed, has increased his appeal with sexy salt-n-pepper stubble. Prince Hairy Harry returned from the South Pole and refused to shave off the full-grown ginger whiskers before holiday-ing with his grandmother the Queen. And don’t even get us started again on the hot ‘stache of the is-he-or-isn’t-he? quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Mustaches are no longer just for Movember and it’s not just the heteros who’ve gone all hairy. There hasn’t been this much unshaven gay action since the early ’80s when every queer between Christopher Street and WeHo was emulating Tom Selleck’s furry upper lip. Johnny Skandros, founder of the popular social app Scruff, expounded on the resurgence in facial fuzz in a recent interview with HuffPo, attributing it to a reaction against the metrosexual look of the stars of Will & Grace and Queer Eye cast from a decade ago. Tell us, Queerty readers, is this a trend? Will you be letting yours grow out this year?

Scroll down to see out entertainers who are ahead of the fuzzy curve.

Ricky Martin

The newly-single superstar grew a mustache when he starred in the Broadway revival of Evita and has been happily razor-free since his split, as demonstrated by this recent waterfall shower video.

Cheyenne Jackson's movie stache

 Cheyenne Jackson

The formerly-clean cut entertainer let his inner bad boy out last year when he split from his handsome hubby, grew a ’70s pornstache and adorned his bod with tattoos.

Russell Tovey-LMK-101615

Russell Tovey

We predict the sometimes scruffy British heart throb, best-known to American audiences for the BBC supernatural import Being Human, will become a bona-fide U.S. telly star soon when HBO’s Looking premieres later this month.

Zachary Quinto picture


Zachary Quinto

That’s not designer stubble — the versatile actor always has perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.


François Sagat 

A handsome fuzzy face has long been a trademark of the porn superstar-turned-clothing designer.

Adam Lambert

The pop singer sported facial hair through much of last year, including this trim mustache while performing “Lay Me Down,” (a collaboration with Nile Rogers of Chic legend!) during a New Year’s Eve concert in Oklahoma.

tumblr_mfzptdeDi11s29nn2o1_500Ben Whishaw

The popular Brit thespian almost always has some sort of wispy whiskers.


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  • AuntieChrist

    Stupid question..Everything trends people are as predictable as ever…If you live long enough you see that everything works in cycles..When you are young and good looking you can get away with any look even grunge which didn’t last thank the goddess.

  • Ron Jackson

    Personally…the scruffy look generally isn’t very attractive on most guys. Oh, there are some who can get away with it. Most guys though, not so much.

    Most guys that I see, especially of the straight and average variety, it’s just being lazy; and it’s very unattractive.

  • TVC 15

    There may be some aspects of a trend, but there have always been scruffy gay guys.

  • callenstewart

    Oh, god, yes. Please let it be here to stay.

  • callenstewart

    And PLEASE stop shaving your chests!

  • Sweet Boy

    Some scruffy guys can be very hot….the big turn-off for me are tats and piercings…the ex-con look doesn’t do anything for me

  • Sweet Boy

    @callenstewart: Amen !!! Hallelujah!!!

  • DaveNY

    No style is ever “here to stay” – just ask anyone who’s over the age of 30. Styles come and go, and often cycle back around. A decade from now, I wouldn’t be surprised if folks looking back at these pictures snarked “What the hell? Was there a razor shortage, or was looking like a homeless person popular because of the recession?”

    Frankly, since I was born too late to enjoy the baby-smooth twink-and-gym-bunny era of the 90’s, I can’t wait for this trend to end. I already use high-quality skin products. I don’t want to be forcibly exfoliated when someone makes out with me… Or puts their face anywhere else! At the same time, I know that’s MY taste and other folks feel different. That’s fine. Because things change and when I’m praising the glory of clean-cut, well-groomed looking guys with a classic look, folks who love scruff will be as despondent as I am now!

  • Tackle

    I happen to love the scruffy look, when it’s on the face. On the neck, not so much…

  • Manmartre

    Here in Paris the french men have been wearing the beards for several years, and not always well groomed either, the french men are known throughout history for lack of hygiene and/or grooming, But the beard trend looks like more like a James Ivory film about a hippy commune. If only men would learn to trim the beard to accentuate their head shape or hide a double chin, but there tends to be a trend of letting the wild jungle grow rampant, missing is Tarzan and George of the Jungle. On the contrary if Quinto wants to kiss me the morning after with his 5o’clock, for eternity, one side of the bed is free.

  • balehead

    The problem is a lot of closet cases are using scruff as their visible argument statement for being straight… sad…..

  • the other Greg

    Just a trend, no doubt, but personally I hope it will stay!

  • Niall

    I’m all for it, except when it’s a pornstache/pedostache like the one Ricky Martin is sporting, I’ll pass on that one.

  • boring

    @the other Greg: I read that as “but PERSONALITY is here to stay,” and we all know THAT’S not true.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    There is a huge difference (to me) between scruff/stubble and a short,well-groomed mustache/beard-the latter being attractive on a lot of men, the former rarely attractive.

  • Richard

    @balehead I find myself agreeing with you more than I am comfortable with.

  • Kangol

    Prince Harry, Ricky Martin, and François Sagat all look great with beards. (And the last two great without them.)

  • balehead

    As I said before…it’s all about making money…and the “everything you need to do energy” to make it……

  • Shadeaux

    Everything’s a trend. One day it’s in, the next day it’s out.

  • Horse Lips

    I hope its here to stay. I’m so hairy I look like I need a shave 5 minutes after shaving. I’d hate to think that something I have no control over might go out of style.

  • the other Greg

    @boring: LOL, yeah I know the feeling, sometimes you’re horny and you just want a hot… personality! But of course sometimes personality is out of style and you just can’t find a good one.

  • litper

    Unfortunately Quinto is bi, he’s dating a trans woman.

  • Momomyster

    This article just makes me angry and upset. Why do people (both pro and anti-gay) still think that all gay people congregate and agree on what the style should be. I’m gay and I don’t give a damn about fashion whatsoever. This is just like asking “Are scruffy people here to stay?” As long as people have the ability to grow facial hair, there will be scruffy gays. Just because people with certain physical traits aren’t in your face about their sexuality doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  • TrulyBi

    I hope it will pass, few can pull it off when they can it’s hot, when they can’t it’s not. Razors men razors…. :)

  • tada-no

    The only thing that is here to stay with the Gay is the hairless-smooth-twink look which is a timeless “classic”! Facial scruff–like–body hair is a temporary trend within some subgroups. The mainstream is still fixated on smooth bodies and clean shaven faces, that is why waxing and laser hair removal is a busy business in Chelsea.

  • SteveDenver

    That’s such a lovely picture of Ben Whishaw.

    I love how UK blogs are full of jilted British comments about how Tovey’s big gay role is in the “colonies.” He’s such a splendid actor, and not shy at all about doffing his kit.

  • dvlaries

    I love them. Alas, if this fad fades, it’s a lot easier to undo than embedded body ink. Now, there’s a fad that has been raped, murdered, buried and the grave desecrated.

  • Maharajah

    Considering that shaving one’s face requires an action (where as scruff not so much) – isn’t shaving the trend, and the scruff the homeostasis?

  • Maharajah

    @dvlaries: But how am I supposed to remember all of my mistakes, and my exes, and my neighbour’s childs drawing – and that sunset from one time – and some band from 40 years before I was born and never fully understood the lyrics – and my pet parrot – and that I am a tramp – and my Momma?

  • Maharajah

    @tada-no: I don’t think that the statement is as true here, in this state of Florida anyway. The silhouette of the Gay Man is one that is rapidly changing – and with it – the concept of who and what we are.

    Perhaps things are a vast contrast in the meccas (Chelsea being the applicable on here) – but in South Florida where the business of laser hair removal and waxing are a sunday past-time, and where they take on election-level advertising year-round down here – the ‘twink’ look is alive, but not the dominant. More and more, the men around me are becoming more muscular – more concerned with their bodies – and those are the ones flocking to laser hair removal. I’ve had 3, straight, muscular friends explain (after having their hair removals done) that it’s about ‘hair hiding defination’ et al. With so many people flocking to it (and of course – here there are many that cater exclusively to Women – showing that the market has dedicated and well paying fan bases) it has also become much cheaper than in the past – and the greater access adds again to it’s popularity.

    A caveat might be that perhaps with fashion-saturated Chelsea – perhaps it’s all about who to put on magazines. For every one bear model – there are at least 15 Ashton Kutcher looking ones – and they also tend to be hairless, skinny and ‘youthful’.

    If you stand outside one of these places – you’re likely to encounter two types of men – muscular (both gay and straight) and ‘youthful’ ones. I am not saying that you are wrong – but at least here, in South Florida – you’re not right. I guess diversity has always been our strong suit, but this makes me appreciate it more.

  • Maharajah

    @litper: Source?

  • Merv

    I like the look if the stubble is dark. If it’s light brown it looks mousy. If it’s gray, it makes the guy look like a homeless person.

  • mikespurts

    I guess I’m the only one who likes clean shaven men. I don’t like the scruffy look. And don’t get me started on tattoos.

  • itzallan

    Scruf is definitely here to stay…for now. But the mainstream becomes bored easily and has to change styles when boredom creeps in. There will, and always have been, guys who ignore mainstream fashion and keep their facial hair as a kind of trademark because they like the look and it’s what they’re comfortable with. It’s more about what they want and not about what other people want for them. The only thing certain is that scruf popularity will wane at some point in time, but perhaps afterward it will become yet another acceptable option that men can use to express their own individual style.

  • Liam

    For me, anything but clean shaven.

  • Pete

    facial hair makes everyone look the same!

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