PHOTOS: Ascension Heats Up On Fire Island

The dog days of summer mean one thing in New York — getting the hell out of the humidity and radiating concrete for some epic Fire Island weekends. And Ascension weekend at Fire Island Pines is as good as it gets.

This coming weekend, August 15-17, the Pines will host three days of stellar events (which means you don’t have to pick your favorite bathing suit, your top three will do nicely), thousands of cute guys and unsurpassed entertainment — all raising money for charity, benefiting the Fund in the Sun Foundation.

Here’s a taste of last year to get you in the mood:

Ascencion Party - lo


Boys on beach

Boys on boardwalk




underwear boys

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  • Daniepwils

    Can I have some pictures with guys who are 21+ with body hair please?

  • dunner

    give them something to eat

  • Blackceo

    Am I the only gay who has NEVER had one iota of a desire to go to Fire Island?

  • Stache99

    @Daniepwils: Their probably there but most likely invisible to Queerty’s eyes.

  • vive

    Do these people only socialize with guys who have identical bodies?

  • michael mellor

    This is just embarrassing, sort of like a gay, segregated version of Ibiza. And the guys look like your typical stereotypes from the suburbs. Sad. They should just rope off the whole island and leave them there.

    And why, for goodness sakes, is there a woman on the stage with her arms outstretched as if to say “these gays are mine, all mine”? Does she want to be gang-banged?

  • john.k

    @Daniepwils: Myself and the bf spent three days in Cheery Grove at the end of July (and at the end of our US holiday). We were told that guys with body hair, paunches or old guys like me would be unacceptable in the Pines (lol).

  • john.k

    Sorry “Cherry Grove” – anyway it was cheery enough!

  • vive

    @john.k, never been, but I do see a variety of types and ages in the first picture. But if what you were told is true, don’t stay away, Take it Back!

  • Saint Law

    It looks like Hell.

  • jcecce

    Is there a body fat check when you get off the ferry? Is 12% within the acceptable range? I don’t want to waste my time if not.

  • jcecce

    Ironic that this event is a fundraiser for charities supporting GLBT causes. I guess the organizers forgot the lessons of the past, when these parties on the beach would lead to deaths from overdosing, all the while raising money for GMHC.

  • DeeJayMiles

    @Blackceo: fire island is pretty fabulous, you should go. but, given your name, BLACKceo, be prepared that it’s nearly 100% white boys, if you like that.

  • SportGuy


    I thought it was just ok. I was dragged there by friends last year, but I was over it in like a day.

  • nefter

    What a bunch of pills! If it suits you to be bitter then don’t go…I’m 40 kinda fat and hairy and I always have a ball on Fire Island, Pines and Cherry Grove, but then that’s what I’m there for…if stop projecting negative shit on people all the time you’ll be much happier for it..

  • snj29

    For the record, those are decidedly NOT pictures from last year. These pics go back years. The weekend has not pulled crowds that large since 2010 or so and it’s just sad to see these old pics trotted out year after year. The boys in the white speedos were mostly staff (bartenders, etc) who also haven’t worked there in years. That offered, I LOVE Fire Island (Pine and Grove) and it’s a shame that Ascension does not do the Island more justice.

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