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  • Daniel

    Most of these pictures suck, but this man is gorgeous. He’s even better looking in person.

  • K.

    Oh. The absolutely handsome Tyson Ballou is a paradigm of male beauty. He is talented, stylish and very inspirational. I’m glad he’s featured here!

  • alan brickman

    better looking in person…a great man!!!

  • Ken S

    He is *really* hot but I don’t think he likes his job… because he’s scowling in lots of those pictures and smiling in none of them. Perhaps if he did porn, he’d cheer up? :)

    Also, in a couple of the runway pictures he’s the colour of the salt lamp on my windowsill o_O

  • Jesse Helms

    Girly freak!

  • Corve


  • Handsome Homebody

    Is it just me or does he look like he is just finishing the Wonder Woman spin?! lol

  • Handsome Homebody

    @Handsome Homebody: on Page 15 that is…

  • alan brickman

    scowling is a typical model face…..don’t be jealous!!!!

  • jason

    Is he in the US illegally? Looks like he snuck across the border. We need more American models.

    Don’t be jealous…..

  • Aaron

    @alan brickman: You really ought to enlarge your vocabulary. Everything you post contains the same phrase. I’d be really curious to see what you look like. My guess is 500 pounds, old, wrinkly and no social life.

  • jason

    Don’t be jealous!!!

    i actually gagged when i typed that.

  • Aaron

    @jason: :) Alan Brickman is actually a 500-pound retard who can only type one sentence over and over. “Don’t be jealous”

    Let’s have some fun with this :)

    -I think he says that phrase in his sleep. “Don’t be jealous”….snore….Don’t be jealous…..snore….”

    -Call him up and you will get that phrase on his answering machine.

  • jason

    We should SO sell bumperstickers and teeshirts and coffeee mugs and screen savers, etc. that say that.

    I actually worry about him a little if I don’t see him posting that on the A.M. Goods threads,

    I got to run…. I’m protesting against female bisexuality’s excessive representation in the media. Or maybe I’ll just go buy some homophobic rap music :-p

  • Pax

    he has Vulcan eyebrows :)

  • David Zweitausend

    Tyson Ballou is an excellent model. You can find my videos “Tyson Ballou” in my youtube channel “DavidZweitausend44”

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