PHOTOS: Barbie’s Been A Bad, Bad Girl

We’re thinking maybe photographer Mariel Clayton didn’t get to play with Barbies as a child. Because, as an adult, the self-taught lenswoman has taken America’s favorite doll into some pretty strange territory with “Bad Barbie,” a series of images that range from the erotic (Barbie approaching Ken with a strap-on, two Kens slipping into a bubble bath together), to the very, very fucked up (Ken’s head in the fridge, Ken’s body crammed in the fireplace, Ken’s bullet-riddled corpse on the living-room floor.) These are dolls, but many shots venture into NSFW territory. (We tried to pick some of the less gruesome ones for this slideshow.)

On her Facebook page, Clayton defends her unique art: “I’m not a man-hater, I wasn’t abused as a child, I’m not ‘dark’ or ‘disturbed’ or ‘mentally scarred’… I just find certain things funny.”