GayCities Weekender

PHOTOS: Barcelona Prepares For An Onslaught Of Circuit Queens

For a dose of fantasy travel, treat the circuit queen within to a trip to the Barcelona Circuit Festival (also treat yourself to this gallery of Circuit Fest 2010). Or if synths and waxed chests aren’t your thing, theres Lazy Bear Weekend over in Russian River. If you’re really feeling lucky, try your odds at Gay Nights Las Vegas. Someone has to win the jackpot after all…

For more events, check out the GayCities Event Guide.

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  • QJ201

    When I was in Barcelona 8 years ago, the guys at the circuit party held then kept making smooching noises and saying “leche, leche” at me.

  • dk


    I can’t tell, are you bragging or where you offended?

  • dk


  • jason

    This is a money-centric event. It’s all about the money. Someone is making a lot of money out of gay and bisexual men. Don’t fall for it.

  • um

    when will these losers realize steroids only look good for like 5 minutes….they all end up fat and suicidal.

  • gulpincum


    hell yeah

  • Guillermo3

    What a fucking silly bunch of comments.

  • ewe

    man oh man oh man. i am so glad i did all this years ago or i would have thought i had missed something.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Viva Barcelona!

  • mike128

    Are people still going to circuit parties? These guys look like holdouts from the 90s.

  • FunMe

    Bodies might look good, but cover the bottom part and focus on the face … not exactly a pretty site. I’m surprised people are still going to circuit parties with music sucking at most of them.

  • toferdavid

    @FunMe: Sometimes it is too easy to get lost in the visual of the body that you do overlook the face. I scrolled through the pics again and waved my finder so I could only see faces. Interesting. You might be on to something.

  • redball

    most of the faces look just fine to me (well, those that aren’t covered up by sunglasses).


  • Ganondorf

    My goodness, these men have terrible faces. Nice bodies sans tattoos, but those faces look trollish, and quite ugly. But most men, gay or straight, don’t really care about the face. Most, but certainly not all. Meow meow!

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