PHOTOS: Barcelona Swim Hunks Force Us To Look At Their Sexy Bodies

Portada PG 2014

If there is any modern trend we could not be more in favor of, it is this thing where sports teams raise money for a good cause by taking sexy photos. Please, athletes, go right ahead with this. Do not let us stop you.

The latest contributors to this very fine cause are Panteres Grogues, whose 2014 calendar features various speedo-clad swimmers looking sultry. How European.

Sales of the calendar support the HIV charity BCN Checkpoint, and also the charity case that is our libido.

If the images feel a little familiar, it’s because the photographer is Juan Pablo Santamaria, a delightful gay photographer whose created similar fap-ready images for Manhunt. His cartoony, hyperreal style is aggressively sexual and a little unnerving, like all the best intimate encounters.

Check out their making-of video, which explains, “this is the treasure of a group of young people who want to reach out to all those who haven’t yet built up the courage to come and swim with us.” Adorable! They are like a modern day Ferdinand the Bull.

5 junio còpia


4 julio còpia



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  • Fitz

    The furry one in the jeans is amazing!

  • manonyme


  • loua61

    I wish I was the pinky in pic #2 Nice package

  • AuntieChrist

    Someone fetch me the smellin salts. I’m gettin the vapors.

  • litper

    Very hot men, esp. ## 1 and 4. And openly gay!

  • hotshot70

    I wanna dive in and get mouth to… well, you know!

  • stranded

    meh, team of butterfaces.

  • DarkZephyr

    @stranded: and I suppose your face is perfect.

  • halfahomo

    That drink in the first pic looks very delish….need I really mention what I think of the hottie holding it?!??!?

  • balehead

    They’re hawt…..Too early for the jealous….

  • NateB79

    @Fitz: You got that right, wow.

  • DarkZephyr

    @balehead: Jealous of what? Can’t we admire beautiful men without being “jealous” of them? Besides, their swimmer’s builds match my fiance’s to a T. <3 <3 <3

  • Louis

    wow gorgeous!

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