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  • Andreusz

    Nice body, but not a face I’d really like to wake up next to.

  • Alvaro

    What? An ex-Big Brother again, twice in a week? With all the amazing Brazilian men out there Queerty, you can definitely do better than this.

  • Rick

    What’s wrong with his face? I’d LOVE to wake up next to him!

  • Plazaboy

    Oh! A tribal tattoo! And which tribe does he belong to?

    Overall, not a bad choice. slight butter face though….

  • Dick


  • declanto

    OK, I’m willing to click maybe a dozen times, but not without a reward. Dick, move over, I vote with you…meh…fail.

  • Rick Brannon

    He seems to have sort of an odd resemblence to Carson Kressley.

    Other than that, I dig him.

  • Black Hispanic

    With all the beautiful black men in Brazil, Queety continues to feature the whitest Brazilians.

  • Andrew

    I think he is a very handsome man and has a realistic physique. Yum!

  • Jack E. Jett

    Am I the only guy with a penis that has NOT been on Big Brother?

  • Joseph

    He’s really ugly!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Appreciate the realness of the photo. We all get lines on our forehead. However, he’s not ugly.

    Adam Champ & Danny Drake

  • Devon

    He looks like Aaron Eckhart guest starring on Jersey Shore.

  • ron

    I think he looks like he’s hungover and hasn’t had a shower yet.
    Kinda goofy-looking…….

  • jeffree

    @Black Hispanic: I saw much of Brasilian Big Brother 7, & this guy made racist comments to the darker-skinned people & threw around ugly bad slurs to the gay contestants.

    Diego = OK on the outside, ugly inside.

    IF however anyone wants 2 see more YouTube has dozens of BBB7 vids, & other seasons also. There were some nicer looking guys than him…..

  • Jesse Helms

    @Jeffee: My family and I have traveled to Brazil. The blacks down there live in poverty and are on the bottom. The white Brazilians are on top, politicians, the professionals, seen on Brazilian television, and are in Brazilian magazines. The white Brazilian employee working at the hotel I stayed in stated, be careful of the shatty towns with vicious violent blacks.

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