PHOTOS: This Bravo TV star just became a gay adult film star

It’s the kind of career evolution the high school guidance counselor never talks about: Cruise ship hospitality, to reality TV star, to gay adult film performer. Bruno Duarte is proving it’s possible.

The Portuguese star of Bravo TV’s Below Deck is preparing to show fans what’s really below deck. He and his fiancee, José Lopes, are set to release a scene for Colt Studios soon.

It’s quite the turn from Duarte’s debut in the spotlight. When he was cast on Below Deck, a show that follows the dramatic twists and turns of real-life cruise ship employees, producers didn’t even know he was gay.

“The thing is production didn’t ever know my sexuality because they never asked,” Duarte has previously said. “Their plan was to put me together with girls and hook me up with girls from the interior, and I wasn’t interested at all. Whether it was boys or girls, I was just not interested.”

As it turned out, Duarte’s sexuality wasn’t the only thing left undiscussed with production. He also had a serious boyfriend back at home, and the two got engaged in 2017.

And while most couples opt for an engagement photo shoot somewhere scenic, what could be more romantic for a pair of grooms-to-be than starring in their own scene for Colt?

“I am a huge fan of Below Deck and a friend of mine was on the show as a guest and on that episode, I saw Bruno in his red, starred swim suit where he has to be a table decoration during a ‘Naked Sushi’ dinner,” said Colt owner John Rutherford. “I had written him on [Instagram] telling him I was a big fan and thought he looked great. We stayed in touch and because Bruno and Jose live in the South of France, so we met up in Paris and decided to do a photo shoot and video with them both. We wanted it to be erotic and intimate…. The rest is history, as they say.”

Here’s a sneak peek:

And here’s some more from Bruno’s Instagram:

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5 years ago I met you. 5 years ago I had no ideia what love was. 5 years ago I had no control of my life. 5 years ago I couldnt know what was coming. 5 years after I cant tell you how much I love. 5 years after I had no ideia that we had gone through all of that. 5 years after I feel like 5 years ago. That day my life changed, the love that was born in my heart cant be put to words. Nothing matter no else mattered, only us! Today I feel the same. My life just cant be lived without you, my dreams are with you, my goals my achievements my laughs and cries. With you I gave my soul and heart and with you I want to be forever! Love you! #couplegoals #love #lgbtq #family #forever #future #gaycouple

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