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PHOTOS: Brazilian Twins David & Daivis Fernandes Are Soaked In Brotherly Love


We haven’t been into twincest since brothers/adult film stars Milo and Elijah Peters announced their romantic relationship, but a recent photo series by Jeff Segenreich and Anna Veronica featuring Brazilian twins David and Daivis Fernandes has us hard up (again) for the kind of taboo twincestuous spreads that are actually quite popular.

In honor of never having too much of a good thing, ogle over the Fernandes twins getting up close and personal here:

gemeos-fernandes_132312_3246 gemeos-fernandes_132312_3116 gemeos-fernandes_132312_3082 gemeos-fernandes_132312_3060 gemeos-fernandes_132312_3053 gemeos-fernandes_132312_2988 gemeos-fernandes_132312_2970 gemeos-fernandes_132312_2965 gemeos-fernandes_132312_2624


h/t: Accidental Bear