PHOTOS: British Boxer Ryan Farrag Commits To Fully Monty Weigh-In, Flashes The Goods


Ryan Farrag shouldn’t have had that third egg for breakfast.

The British boxer was participating in the time-honored tradition of stripping for a room full of men to clock in his pre-fight weight when it appeared he’d need to really commit to the process if he wanted to qualify.

You wouldn’t expect a pair of skivvies to make the difference, but after he slipped out of them and hopped back up on the scale, all seemed to be in order.

Luckily for us, the guy holding the modesty towel didn’t do a very good job, and Farrag himself doesn’t display much modesty as he jumped to the side and flashed the goods.

Watch the dramatic turn of events below:

h/t C&C (NSFW)