PHOTOS: Brooks Wheelan Was Fired From SNL; Here’s Why We’ll Miss Him

Brooks Wheelan is one of the band of white guys who were given nothing to do on Saturday Night Live this season so guess what? They fired him (along with other series newbies Noel Wells and John Milhiser)! Wheelan announced the news on his Twitter in typical self-deprecating comedian style:

The silver lining? Brooks can now lay claim to having joined a very exclusive club alongside Robert Downey Jr., Billy Crystal and Jenny Slate. They were also all fired from the sketch show after one season. A point director/producer Judd Apatow was kind enough to make:

And no matter what career path Brooks heads down now, we hope it’s a very public one, because we want more of this:









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  • redcarpet

    I thought he was hot! And more importantly potential to be funny if given the right material. But they didn’t give him anything to do. I think he was just brought on at the wrong time. It’s like the newbies who were on in 1995 who got swept aside for the 1996 Will Ferrel/Molly Shannon/Cheri Oteri cast. Right place at the wrong time.

  • MarionPaige

    If you check his live performances on youtube, it appears that most of what he did on SNL was stuff from his solo standup career before SNL. And, he performed the routines better in his solo act. It seems excessively mean to say he was “fired” from SNL since performers have contracts. It might help Brooks to recall that SNL clearly didn’t think that Eddie Murphy was star material as it showcased Charlie Rocket over Murphy (at least at the beginning).

  • Alan down in Florida

    Beautiful eyes.

  • Lazycrockett

    The tat bit he did on weekend update was funny. SNL also got rid of Noel Wells and John Milhiser, who is a cutie. Kinda weird SNL hired these newbies gave them next to nothing to do and then let them go. Guess its good for the resume though.

  • psa67

    I’ll miss Noel Wells. She did a great Lena Dunham. Hope they get rid of Mike O’Brien and Keenan Thompson while they’re at it.

  • seaguy

    Is he gay?

  • tdh1980

    Aside from the fact that he is a good-looking guy (those eyes, those lips, that chest hair — woof), I don’t understand why this is a Queerty story. Is he a confirmed homo?

  • dbmcvey

    Which one was he? I don’t think any of the under 30 white guy new cast members were given a chance to make much of an impression–and they were hard to really tell apart.

  • tricky ricky

    snl has barely been watchable since charles rocket got the entire cast fired when he said f*ck on air, with the exception of dana carvey and church chat, jon lovetz and his liar and get to know me characters, and the fat guy from roseanne doing linda tripp.

  • stranded

    Fox really needs to bring back Mad TV. I loved that show WAY more than SNL, they were so edgy and offensive and more racially diverse that SNL ever was.

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