PHOTOS: Bubble Butts Drive Us Bananas

Ask and you shall receive. We recently posted about foot fetishes and armpit fetishes, and the response from readers was overwhelmingly positive. You clamored for more, and so Homo Erotica was born.

Homo Erotica is a new bi-weekly Queerty column that will examine fetishes and other sexual taboos. It will look at alternative, non-traditional views of sexiness that just might have you thinking twice about some of your preconceived notions.

Earlier this week, Queerty explored “bottom shame” (a.k.a. analphobia). This got us thinking (even) more about butts, and, well, their significance in our erotic imaginations.

Pygophilia is the sexualization of the buttocks. According to Wikipedia, which apparently knows everything, “[w]hile female buttocks are often eroticized in heterosexual erotica, men’s buttocks are eroticized in gay male circles. Much of gay male sexuality centers on anal intercourse and penetration, so the buttocks are eroticized due to their proximity to the anus and the genitals.”

That’s not exactly right, somehow, but close enough.

Generally speaking, when it comes to pygophilia, the bigger the bootie the better… within reason.

Enter the bubble butt.

Bubble butts have long been a desirable trait. In fact, when tightly packed into jeans, they often translate into free drinks at the bar, lots of bad pickup lines, and some serious grab-ass as the night wears on. An ample arse on Manhunt often elicits messages of “nice butt, man,” or “hot ass, dude,” and other more explicit enthusiasms.

Scroll down to see photos of guys showing off their assets, and sound off in the comments section below. Is bigger and more bubbly really better?

Photo credit: Top-Notch-Ass

Photo credit: TapThatGuy

 Photo credit: Man Butts

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Photo credit: Male Butts

Photo credit: BubbleButtBandit

 Photo credit: Booty Bubble Lover

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Photo credit: Man Butts

Photo credit: Man Butts

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