Bear haus

PHOTOS: Burly bears as far as the eye could see on the sandy beaches of Sitges

Burly bears on the beach in Sitges

The annual Sitges Bear Week just came to a close. Just a few miles south of Barcelona, the Spanish coastal town offers one of Europe’s longest established LGBTQ scenes, dating back over three decades.

Thousands of bears and bear watchers came out for this year’s celebration, which included an entire week of pool parties, beach events, circuit nights, and other furry fun in the sun.

Scroll down for pics…

Rooftop fun and games @patterick_p. Get a move on @edted99 @magicj0nes #sitgesbearweek #bearpride #notbears

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Sitges Bitges! #sitges #balmins #beachday #sitgesbearweek2017

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I think I'm moving here. #sitgesbearweek

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A quiet night in Sitges… #gaybear #sitgesbearweek2017 #sitgesbearweek #sitges

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  • lauraspencer

    Did the bears go into hibernation? Most of the pics are dad bods with beards. Not many bears from what I can see. Is the new definition of a bear to simply have a beard?

    • Heywood Jablowme

      That’s actually the original definition of “bear” – a big, solid, somewhat hairy guy w/beard. That definition was standard 30 years ago.

      Then Americans started re-defining “bear” as “a big fat guy.” This is strictly an American thing to make fat Americans feel better. You know, “body shaming” and all that. But as everyone knows, there are no fat people in Europe (as these photos seem to confirm).

      Then the ridiculous “dad bod” term popped up in the last couple of years, to refer to the original American “bear” body type. But of course, this is partly because so many gay millennials are pervs who fantasize about incest with their own fathers.

      I hope this clears up all the confusion for you! :)

  • sfcarlos65

    In a time where the definition of, “gay” is more mainstream, I’m glad events like this happen.

  • TheArtist

    Leave it to Queerty to talk about “big burly bears” then only troll Instagram accounts with slim guys. If only Tom Daley or Gus Kenworthy had gone to Sitges!

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