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  • Matthew

    He’s very cute, he has a nice butt(#10) but he looks like a bad porn star in all his hairy chest pics.

  • i_dunno_but

    those eyes in #12… they look like glass. the way they catch the light is magical..woof!

  • gay image consumer

    so tired of the designer jumbo signature underwear,
    and don’t forget to flip off the camera, ’cause you’re mad that the homos are lookin’ at ya.

  • Scott

    Those glass eyes catch the light like Photoshop


    We really appreciate all the time you guys must have spent brainstorming this mornings oh so very not obvious (not)title………….. :p

  • bah

    what’s with the “mine” on #3? kinda weird.

    also lol @ #9.

    really fucking hot guy, though. had more potential than these pics, though.

  • i_dunno_but

    i think he’s a distant cousin to prince poppycock… notice the lips on #9… only missing the red lipstick!

  • rodrigo

    mmmm, now this is an acceptable morning goods for my taste! This man in BEAUTIFUL!
    I’ll take two of him.

  • dvlaries

    The best offering this week for sure.

  • Brent

    Corey Kirk is also the cover boy of the latest issue of Toronto’s fab magazine. He’s looking extra fine: [img][/img]

  • mark

    Very sexy, but sexier when he’s furry

  • Skyler

    11-14 and 24-28 are SERIOUSLY hot, the rest…bleh.

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