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PHOTOS: Charles Owo Collection Is Fierce



Charles Owo’s line of men’s fashion and accessories is “luxury redefined,” and it only takes one look at their houndstooth collection to see it. Everything from their sexy models — whether they’re talking around a pool table or engaging in a playful wrestling match — to their products drip of sophistication and refinement, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair of their elegant houndstooth briefs. Check out some of the campaign photos, and then head over to The Underwear Expert to watch a hot video. You won’t be sorry.

Houndstooth-campaign New-CHARLES-OWO-2014-HOUNDSTOOTH-CAMPAIGN


Photo Credit: Patrick D. Wade for Charles OWO

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  • Kangol

    Owo, wow!

    (I love how Queerty posts ads for certain retailers, but if they’re LGBT-owned and operated, and pro-gay, I’m cutting the site some slack.)

  • balehead

    And they’re not supposed to make ends meet?…..(LOL)

  • yaoming

    Do these look like “granny-panties” to anyone else?

  • ouragannyc

    I find the boyz very hot.
    Not too thrilled about the underwears.

  • ouragannyc

    @yaoming: Agree. Don’t like the cut at all.

  • Respect4all

    1) What is the big deal about designer underwear? Who walks around in their underwear? If you’re at home, you’re either alone or with someone who already loves you. If I’m getting laid, I would hope that by the time the guy sees my underwear, he’s already been sold. The underwear is not going to seal the deal.
    2) There’s no such thing as HOT underwear. The models wearing it are what make it hot. They’d look hot wearing diapers or paper bags. No underwear is going to make you look sexy. If it did it would cost a lot more than that.
    3) What’s the purpose of using nude models to sell clothes. Yes, they’re hot and they get your attention, but what does that have to do with the clothes.
    I’ll stick to my white Hanes. If that turns you off, you weren’t right for me anyway.

  • stanhope

    @Respect4all: I would respectfully disagree. Underwear can be very very hot. The problem is that this underwear is not. The models are hot enough but the poses, expressions and the packages are tepid. They also don’t show the rear view in the photos here. Sexy is very individual. That said it is hard for me to think that houndstooth would have wide appeal. I would agree by the time the underwear is exposed, the deal is likely sealed but when a black or red jock is revealed for me it takes me even further in so to speak.

  • hassia

    Hmm, I am a bit too old however I am sure you have noticed that most young men are wearing pants that expose their underwear.I would say that this I would rather see than some bunched up boxers.

  • Respect4all

    @stanhope: I’m not crazy about the underwear either, but I’m a lot more interested in the men in them, and out of them. Still stickin’ with my tight whities.

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