PHOTOS: Check Out Scenes From A Gay Marriage

MORNING GOODS: We never thought of Ingmar Bergman movies as particularly sexy. Thankfully Scenes from a Gay Marriage, the upcoming romantic comedy from writer-director-actor Matt Riddlehoover (Gaze), only borrows a title from the Swedish king of gloom.

Co-starring Malachi Taylor, Carson Nicely (above) and Jared Allman (who you might recall from Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys), Scenesrevolves around a neurotic young man (Riddlehoover) who gets involved with the sexual escapades of his upstairs neighbors (Nicely and Taylor). The film is expected to come out later this summer, but we’ve got some images of some of the sexy cast to hold you until then.

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photos: Ethan James

Malachi Taylor


Carson Nicely


Jared Allman

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