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  • Regen

    Yeah, all the men look very attractive. But I hope that won’t be the only good point of the film. Hope that it has nice storyline with nice acting too.

  • CR

    Well I can safely say my gay marriage looked almost nothing like that.

    I am british so it was all grannies in hats and men in ill fitting suits.

  • Cam

    In that first picture I’d imagine under all the body make-up is a big rash from all the waxing.

    As for the movie, I’ll see it, and hope it will be good. Independents are hit or miss, but I try to see as many of the gay ones as possible to support the filmakers.

  • Michael

    Queerty, I’ve been a reader for years, and I have two words for you:


    I never get more than 2 or 3 pictures into these posts because it’s such a pain in the ass to wait for the page to reload each time. With thumbnail galleries, I could choose which pics to blow up.

  • Bryan

    I’m confused, is it a movie or a Corbin Fisher porno? Because from this pic, the only selling point seems to be hot guys striking sexy poses

  • Geoff

    @Michael: AMEN, Brother

  • Jaded

    Nice, Mr Nicely!

  • John E.

    Most gay men today I have seen are around 30 to 70 age range Movies and television always fictionalize Life styles I wish sometimes the truth be out there. Yes It is Hot seeing good young men however are they good actors and storyline or plot.

  • Davis R

    No. 4, bravo. Another pet peeve is a lack of captions on ALL the galleries. How long can it take to type a sentence or two for each photo, and put the galleries into a common slideshow format rather than requiring an entire page reload for every photo?
    Regardless, the content at Queerty is great!

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