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PHOTOS: Check Out The Bathtub Pic That Model Murray Swanby Chose To Celebrate His 100,00k Instagram Followers

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.06.15 AMHere it is, folks: Andrew Christian model Murray Swanby, proving that cleanliness is indeed next to godliness in a very special photo captured by photographer Paul Boulon.

Murray kindly offered the image first and exclusively to Queerty readers, before the rest of the world. The reason? The image commemorates his 100,000th follower on Instagram.

When he’s not modeling undies for Andrew Christian, Murray is a VIP host at The Abbey, the L.A. gay bar.

We’ve gathered some of Murray’s greatest Instagram hits here to help him celebrate the milestone. Congrats!

Scroll down to see all the pics…

murray swanby 2


murray swanby 3


murray swanby 4


murray swanby 5


murray swanby 6



murray swanby 7



murray swanby 8


murray swanby 9


murray swanby 10

murray swanby 1

Murray apprehends an internationally-renowned troublemaker, all in the course of his duties as a party host and underwear model. All in a day’s work!

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