PHOTOS: Christine Quinn, Tony Kushner And NYC’s Fashion Queens At The Met’s Post Pride Party

3. Christine Quinn and Tony Kushner

PHOTOS: When one thinks of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “rager” does not immediately come to mind. But on Monday night, the storied museum opened its doors and hundreds of bottles of booze for its annual Post Pride Party. Patrons and saints including Angels in America author Tony Kushner, NYC Council Speaker cum mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, fellow openly gay councilman Jimmy van Bramer, Met president Emily K. Rafferty, writer Andrew Solomon, and scholar Harold Holzer took in the Photography and the American Civil War and Punk: From Chaos to Couture exhibits after hours. The gays had a cultural kiki amidst the scurvy and smocks and we half expected a disco ball to drop in the middle of the night, what with the music blaring over the Met’s sound system. Luckily, guests were prohibited from bringing their cocktails through to the exhibits, lest someone wildly gestured to an Alexander McQueen gown, thus forever marring it with a vodka soda stain.

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7. Andrew Solomon, Randy Bourscheidt, Tony Kushner, Harold Holzer, and Joe Asteinza

Andrew Solomon, Randy Bourscheidt, Tony Kushner, Harold Holzer and Joe Asteinza

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2. Thomas P. Campbell, Emily K. Rafferty, and Tony Kushner

Thomas P. Campbell, Emily K. Rafferty and Tony Kushner

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1. Andrew Solomon, Tony Kushner, Christine Quinn, Jimmy Van Bramer, Jeff Soref

Andrew Solomon, Tony Kushner, Emily K. Rafferty, Christine Quinn, Jimmy Van Bramer and Jeff Soref