PHOTOS: Clark Bockelman —Modeling’s Next Big Thing

cbOne of our favorite writers Guy Trebay had another tough assignment for the New York Times this week, digging deep into the impenetrable world that is modeling. This stuff is all surface and fluff, of course, but Trebay makes it sound halfway important, or at least worth your time, by grabbing you with a line like this: “In a corridor outside a sixth-floor conference room in Manhattan’s garment center, five exceptionally handsome young men slouched against the walls, looking like gods of Olympus come temporarily to rest.” I’m in.

To summarize, Calvin Klein is looking for models for his show in Milan this Sunday, and these guys are walking the conference room runway in search of a coveted exclusive and a shot at model stardom. Two made the cut that day, including Clark Bockelman, whose appearance turned the room “electric.” Unfortunately, the Times saw fit to publish only one pic of the 6’2” 21-year-old Indiana farm boy who had been studying geography at the University of Denver before an “acquaintance” of Bruce Weber introduced him to the legendary boy-photog. We’re here to remedy that oversight with a collection of Bockelman’s nee model name Clarke Wesley’s finest “work” (yeah, yeah, modeling is a job, we get it) and some recent Facebook pix. Enjoy! And check out Clark/e on the runway Sunday in Milan. He’s sure to be streaming somewhere.

Photos: Facebook/Tumblr