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  • Jeremy Acorn

    I attended the event on May 8th. It was very nice. Was very impressed by the singing of Clay Aiken.

  • Daniel

    He not only sang beautifully, he gave an impressive speech about Amendment One and gay marriage rights, then sang again. Awesome.

  • Michael Bedwell

    AND on “Face the Nation” this morning, Aiken did something one almost NEVER sees from actual professional, paid-to-fight-for-us “gay leaders”—sitting right next to one of the most loathsome, the most rabid of the paid leaders of the Antigay Industry, Tony Perkins, often looking him in the eye, he called SHAME! [And he was polite enough not to correct the host’s cluelessness about the kind of music he’s best know for.] Go, Clay! You did us proud!;flexGridModule

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    @Michael Bedwell:

    Right. People who have the capacity to get a clue and evolve on marriage equality will do so much faster watching a heartfelt mainstream popular person like Aiken. Someone who can really speak like their everyday mainstream singer, teacher, friend or relative – personal ties. Versus talking heads who are really only speaking into the vortex of political noise.

    It’s a shame that Cheney was still demonized when speaking in favor of marriage equality in 2009 since his detractors insist even a broken clock is NEVER right twice a day when it comes to their favorite person they love to hate.

  • LadyL

    Where exactly was Cheney’s enlightened views on same-sex marriage for the 8 long years he was Bush’s VP? For that matter, where was daughter Mary all that time?

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