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PHOTOS: Cleaning Out The Barnett

CLASSIC MORNING GOODSIt’s Christmas Eve, so we wanted to give you a stocking stuffer you’d be sure to remember. This holiday season, we’re giving you some of the hottest Morning Goods photos from days of yore. Here’s Australian carpenter-by-day, model-by-night, Tony Barnett in an Aussiebum campaign. Hope you like! (Photos: Chadwick Models)

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  • BK

    He’s been one of my favorites as Aussiebum for years!

  • Scott

    Hot guy, but not a single ass, pubes or vpl shot. #12 is as close as it gets.

  • marengo

    Unless you’re shopping for a swimsuit, it’s the same pic over and over

  • Repub lican

    Hmm, first comment didn’t go through. Anyway, number sixteen is not a good pic.

  • jeffree

    Whining Dude: “Guys like him are a dime a dozen!”

    Jeffree: “Well, in that case, here’s a dollar! Wrap him up with nine guys just like him, and we’re good to go”!

  • Bob R

    First, I see the “Classic Queerty” option is no longer working, so I’ll just limit myself to one visit a day now for Morning Goods since I’ve always disliked the new cluttered format. As for today’s Morning Goods, IMO this guy is a lot hotter with body hair. Love that furry chest. Handsome man, would like to see more of him. A lot more of him!

  • Who Cares

    He could be the poster boy for Nair…..shaved pubes are gross

  • alan brickman

    A real man again!! Some sound jealous….

  • Hoffmanic

    Handsome man, no doubt. But are his abs asymmetrical? Check out pic 8 or any shot that is relatively head on – something funky is going on. I can’t say I’ve seen that before but I’m not necessarily complaining…

  • brihova

    Hairless men>>> I’m glad he shaves!

  • gray hunt

    Number 10 ….the Shadow knows (both of them)

  • Suburban

    @SCOTT, I so agree with yoy, I wish all guys came out of the water looking like that, not even my boyfriend does. I happen to really like Pic 3.

  • Kai

    After over 28,000 views and 17 responses, I thought I had to point out that his name is Toby and not Tony – though I see you’d tagged it right. Anyhow, thanks very much for posting this! Toby’s a hot and hunky stud.

  • cookienihui

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  • Michael

    @Ashley Sommers: Sometimes the comments are better than the story. Tell more!

  • Phil

    His abs are staggered. Some people are like that, it’s something you’re born with, and hey, if you can ’em that’s better’n most people can say already.

  • adman

    I tried to surf in my speedos once. I hated it, the wax gets stuck in your leg hair from sitting outside on the board, and you get this wax mark on the bulge when you lay down to paddle. People don’t surf in speedos for a reason.

  • Carel

    Beauty at its best, one of my first favourite models ever!!!!

  • JKB

    #8 :)~

  • rory

    @Scott: No. 11 = Ass ;)

  • Andrew

    His name is Toby not Tony

  • Steven

    @brihova: Naah.

  • Wow


  • Alan Brickman

    He’s amazing!!…… Happy Christmas jealous!!!

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