PHOTOS: Cockyboys Get Artsy In New Homoerotic Photography Book

Drawing inspiration from Madonna’s 1992 Sex book, the good men of Cockyboys have released their own glossy X-rated coffee table book called A Thing of Beautyfeaturing 128 pages of homoerotic photographs by Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian.

In a brilliant PR gambit, the adult video company — known for it’s tatted, nubile young men — has produced a lavish photography work that both promotes its performers and rakes in $51.22 for thick copy. You can even meet the Cockyboys’ performers in a city near you. Events are planned in NYC, Paris, Berlin, London and Chicago.

It will probably not surprise you to learn that A Thing of Beauty became an instant bestseller, reaching the top ten of photography books on Amazon, when it was released this month.

Scroll down to see just a few BSFW (barely safe for work) photos from the book.

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  • Billy Budd

    I love this studio. They are pollitically correct (use condoms) and produce extremely HOT material. I am in awe of their work.


    That kiss! Dayum! Too fucking hot! Call me badass Barbara Cartland but the more romantic gay shit sets my white powered jowls all aquiver and ostrich feathers aflutter unlike gay porn which for some unknown reason does fuck all for my jennies except killed more wood than a Brazilian logger. Straight porn they can rut like the disgusting filthy animals they are and it perks up my python every time. Everyfuckingtime. Why is that? Nevermind. What I’m saying is I like to restrict my homo aesthetic interest to the non-“slutty” more elevated and spiritually beautiful and romantic shit, I guess. And yes I’m embarrassed I just wrote that. Probably won’t send this. Oh I just did. DOH!

  • Billy Budd

    I agree that romance and intimacy are the hottest aspects of making love.

  • carey579

    The worst gay porn site out there – yes the WORST!

    I find it hilarious how their sets are pristine looking and then ALL their models are hairy and tattooed!

    Their series – A thing of beauty – was just the height of hilarity – none of the men were even handsome!

    Their scenes are just phoney with that fake ‘passion’ and their models ugly with the ‘au natural’ bullshit.

    That’s why hair obsessed Queerty seems to love this site.

    While in gay porn they don’t matter. Hail Sean Cody/Frat Men/Kristen Bjorn/Bel Ami/etc.

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t like S___C___. The models are extremely hot, just my type, but the sex is not engaging. It is too mechanical, with few exceptions.

    K___ B____ is very talented, and his films have superb technical quality, but the guys he chooses are too big, too muscled. I don’t like guys who take steroids.

    B___ A___ boys are absolutely gorgeous and the most attractive on earth. They are my ideal. ANd many of them are very talented. I do approve of this studio.

    I’ve seen many videos by CB and they were very hot. The tattoos may be distracting, but the guys are genuinely into each other and very passionate. I don’t agree that their passion is fake. SC is fake. Not CB.

  • carey579

    ^ I like all those other sites because they are what they are and not pretending to be something they’re not like C—-boys.

    And that ‘passion’ you’re talking about – define it. Having your (dirty looking hairy and tattooed) models in white bed sheets, white rooms and trick lighting does not make a scene passionate.

    ‘Greg & Joey’ which was filmed candidly in a little dark messy room in the 90s is probably the most passionate gay sex scene ever! It certainly is on of the most popular out there.

    Also, there does not need to be kisses or even reciprocal sex for a PORN scene to be passionate. Then almost all straight porn scene isn’t passionate where only the man is getting the pleasure!

  • carey579

    For me Eastern European sites and one man’s fantasy type sites the names of which I can’t mention here for the commenting policy are much more passionate for the viewer.

    They’re mainly POV even if not technically like most of straight porn is. Something the producers and fans of C—-boys will never understand.

  • Maximilian

    C—-boys is a cheap failed copy of ManRoyale which is in a different league (most of the times).

  • Billy Budd

    CB is a very succesful studio, even though they did not submit to bareback. I admire them for it.

  • BrokebackBob

    Unless I’m just too tired and my eye are playing tricks on me, that first shot has an erect penis with a prince albert (the top guy) peeking out at us.

  • Kevin B

    @BrokebackBob: I think what you’re seeing is a nipple piercing belonging to the guy on the bottom, along with a few shadows from the crook of the top guy’s inner thigh.

  • unbiasedparrot

    So hot. And all the actors are gorgeous.

  • coltonblack

    Wonderful pictures and the dudes look great:)!

  • Cy

    The samples pictured here do not inspire me to purchase the book. Other than the interracial photo, none are what I would consider to be artistic, just run of the mill photos that I see dozens of each day on FB for free. Not saying they’re not beautiful, just not worth purchasing.

  • Xzamilio

    @Kevin B: No…. that’s a penis.

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