PHOTOS: Cody Cummings Was One Bad Santa At San Francisco’s Trigger


A jolly Cody Cummings parked his sleigh in San Francisco recently to greet all the girls and boys at the Gloss magazine holiday party at at Trigger.

The tight-framed porn star came out of the club’s closet (no pun intented) dressed like the kind of Santa you’d want up your chimney. Then the gay-for-pay star took to the stage and showed why he’s a triple threat—stripping, flexing and dry humping, before showering the crowd with some impressive water works.

Notable guests at the party included out  politico Bevan Dufty, It girls Sister Roma, Juanita More and Donna Sachet, and fellow porn star Spencer Reed.

Click through for a slideshow of Cody and friends at Trigger

Photos courtesy of Marques Daniels

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  • ggreen

    Leave it to boring, plastic, non-erotic and no-talent Cody Cummings to make even the ugly men and dog faced drag queens of SF look sexy.

  • ~R~

    wow… someone seems bitter… and quite judgemental

  • Kyle

    Look at those pathetic queens with dollar bills in hand.

  • Kyle

    He’s not gay for pay. He’s gay or bisexual. Gay for pay is homophobic.

  • Rex

    It’s always a mistake celebrating a prostitute.

  • Brian

    He isn’t even a porn star. He is just a guy that gets blown in every scene. Bore-fest

  • Joe

    I’m with Brian. Watching a porn performer get one blow job after another is mind numbing. When he fucks or gets fucked BUY A GUY he can be a porn star; until then he’s just another cute guy with a camcorder and bills to pay.

  • Joe

    Interesting type, BUY versus BY. :-)

  • Jim

    Feel sorry for the desperate old queens that have to hide behind kabuki makeup and cling to a way of life way that’s way over for them.

  • Rex

    What “way of life” is supposed to be “over for them”, Jim?

  • Bruce

    I’m bored by this guy. Can we focus on the hot guys who get paid to actually fuck.

  • iDavid

    He just did his first gay flip-flop fuck scene out last week, and it’s smoking HOT. So NOW he is a porn star? Ok.

  • shannon

    PLEASE……explain to me you guys FASCINATION with these HOMELY….mentally unstable dude?????? He is NOT goodlooking….he makes certain gay men look AWFUL……——————–PLEASE————– LET THIS GUY FALL TO THE WAY SIDE!!!!!! PLEASE…………………..

  • Hamburglar

    I know nothing about this guy other than having seen this set of pictures, but he looks awfully good to me.

  • Kurt

    *Yawn* Who cares? Porn is boring and I’d rather have sex.

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