PHOTOS: Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown’s Love Will Not Be Denied!


PHOTOS: Ugh, get ready for your heart to shrivel up and die from the amount of cuteness about to happen right now. Remember underwear modeling duo Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown’s adorable engagement photos?

Well, Colby reached out to us with the unfortunate news that photographer Gabriel Gastelum has gotten a lot of backlash for his support of same-sex marriage  — begging the question: who on earth would want to deny the love of these two kids?

“It’s hard to love yourself, let alone someone else when there are a lot of ignorant people out there who don’t accept you for who you are. Well you know what? Screw them,” Gastelum writes. “It doesn’t matter who you love. Underneath it all, it’s the same love.”

Colby and Brandon were the first same-sex couple Gabriel shot and he sent us a few more pics from  their engagement album that beautifully illustrate that concept of same love.

“When it came to figuring out who was going to take our engagement pictures, it was a no brainer,” Colby told us. “Gabriel is one of our good friends and it doesn’t hurt that he’s ridiculously talented. He perfectly captured the ‘moments’ between Brandon and I. That’s what I love about working with Gabriel. There’s no posing. Nothing forced. We just hang out and goof around. That’s when our love really shines.”

Gird your emotions ’cause it’s about to get real. And make sure to visit Gabriel’s site for more photos.

Photos: Gabriel Gastelum

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  • JAW

    It is sad that the Photographer is getting backlash for his support,,, But I guess that is to be expected since we create backlash for those that do not support us.

    Oh how I wish we could all just get along.

  • miagoodguy

    These attention seeking whores will be done in 2 years or less.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @miagoodguy: Whereas you were done eons ago right?

    Adorable photos, I hope angst directed at Gastelum blows over soon.

  • stfallon1028

    I love those blue shoes. Anyone know what brand they are and/or where I can get a pair? Please?

  • Derek Williams

    Lovely photo – shame about all the hate.

  • bmwblonde

    They are cute young boys and I wish them the best of luck — and also that they work on their inevitable emotional stuff left over from (a) probably, one or both of their families, most of whom are fairly crazy and (b) American society and culture, which IS certifiably crazy (rotten values, insane and very sneaky self-hatred, etc.). I was in a 30-year love affair with another man; he died suddenly and I “got” the experience of seeing all the places we had been joyful, AND all the places we’d been “stuck.” Read my book (available at – “The Price of Eden)” ~ especially if you’re young, gay, just starting out together, and would like to avoid some VERY COMMON mistakes. We don’t HAVE to go through every mistake until we’re in our 50’s! That what (good books) are FOR. Good luck to you all.

  • Dixie Rect

    I don’t think these boys understand that forever is a really, really looooong time….just sayin’…

  • scotshot

    @stfallon1028: There’s a big blues swoosh on the side.

  • scotshot

    The photographer lives in LA. I wonder how much business he’ll get from this? I won’t worry too much.

  • Rhettoric

    What a bunch of naysaying unromantic critics.With exception of(bmwblonde).You younger guys might want to listen to your older gay brothers.I had a 19 year monogamus relationship,sans marriage,that would still be ongoing save for cancer.The party really begins when you’re in love,not lust.

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