PHOTOS: Gay (And Some Straight) Couples Smooch For Marriage Equality

Steve Myszak

PHOTOS: Have you kissed someone for equality today? The Supreme Kiss: Let’s Kiss Inequality Good-bye is a social media campaign launched this spring to raise awareness about marriage equality and equal rights through one of the most universal acts of human expression: a kiss.

With decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA expected this month, the Supreme Kiss campaign invites everyone — regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation — to kiss someone they love and  share that kiss with the world in an act of solidarity.

“Throughout time and across borders, the kiss has been a symbol of support, love, friendship, peace, respect and union,” said founder Sarah Kilborne, “At this historic moment in the gay civil rights movement, we can all show our love for equality by doing something simple yet profoundly symbolic: giving someone a kiss.”

Since the campaign’s launch, thousands of photos of kisses for equality have been posted both to the Supreme Kiss Facebook page and other sister sites online. So put on some lip chap and pucker up in the name of love and freedom. And throw a little tongue in there for good measure.

Photos: The Supreme Kiss