PHOTOS: The cutest bromosexual couples on Instagram


Bromances have been on the up and up for a while now, but they finally hit the mainstream in 2016, as evidenced by the fact that the New York Times actually wrote a story about them.

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Bromances come in many different forms. They can be relationships between two straight guys who aren’t afraid to show their affection for one another, two gay dudes who love to hang out but have never seen each other naked, or a gay man and a straight man who just like to spend quality time together.

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Scroll down for some of the cutest bromosexual couples on Instagram…

ARE WE NOT LIKE TWO VOLUMES IN ONE BOOK? ??? #bromancegoals#brolove

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Den årlige julevasken med han @gjorviss ??? #alex #bromance

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Just another day at the office. ?? #tourlife #tourfamily #marvelous #brodown #bromance #boys #fight #stunts #birmingham

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That moment he does this ? #Westbay #Bromance #Nofilter #Dreamboat

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Keeping with the theme of #BROmances, we shine the light on this duo from Singapore ?? @cheahjohn & @darylcz are both two-time Grand Finalists at the Asia Championships. Despite frequent sightings of the two at competitions together, Daryl and John could not be more different as individuals. Aspiring doctor Daryl spends most of his time outside he gym doing rounds in hospitals, while his counterpart John juggles acting & coaching on top of his rigorous training with @coachjamestaylor. The two are night and day when it comes to individual preferences, but together they are dynamite – especially when you put them in front of a mic, or on a dance floor ?. John & Daryl are looking to make it #3for3 in 2017, coming in hot from @crossfittanjongpagar. #asiachampionships #bromance #nohomo #theyweresosmall #transformationthursday #fitness #models

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So beautiful..so bromantic..they just really loved that dirty dancing cut out #bromance

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Happy birthday salman ???

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#gipfehoibe #hbts #bromancegoals #sundowner #abfendspaziergang

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