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PHOTOS: Daniel Garofali Comes Out—With Charity Calendar

Aussie stud Daniel Garofali is straight (sigh) but not narrow (yay!).

Now signed with Wilhelmina Models, this New York transplant used to be a go-go boy at clubs on Sydney’s infamous Oxford Street, has danced on tour with Kylie Minogue and was voted 2011 Physique Model of the Year by “I am really flattered I have such a huge following,” he says. “And I always make sure take the time to thank them individually through my social networks. I am honored and grateful.”

This month Garofali is releasing a 2012 calendar shot by photographer James Demitri—and half of the profits go to  KIVA,  a nonprofit that works to alleviate poverty through microloans.

A big heart to match that big…chest. Nice!

Check out some outtakes from the calendar above, and a teaser for the making-of video below.

The Daniel Garofali 2012-2013 calendar and DVD is available for $39.95 AUS from


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  • Rick Payne

    I tend to like a swimmer’s body better. I like the lean or slender and not so much muscles, but this guy has a nice face. He is like somebody I would like to know.

  • pendorran

    Great guy, but if he’s straight I’m the Pope. Check out YouTube video.

  • littledrummerboy

    @pendorran: Dear Pope,

    Please ask Jesus to tell Santa that all I want for Christmas is a pony, a Daniel Garofali calendar, and Daniel Garofali holding his calendar and riding that pony…On second thought, forget the pony. I’ll ride Daniel instead. Thanks.

  • Hyhybt

    Quite an impressive optical illusion in the first one.

  • beastmasterRobert

    Yeah like the Pope’s straight!

  • Lina Leigh

    Listen to his voice… The dude is closeted then, that voice comes from a cock sucking mouth!

  • joey manera

    yeah this guy is very handsome and sexy ,i wish i could be also like him spesialy his very sexy body, his very handsome face and very sexy body can atract esealy girl,,, hi is have very strong se x apeal

  • pscheck2

    I wonder how long he is going to be coy in reference to his sexual orientation? They(suspects) usually start out hinting they might ‘be’ but then they soon hookup with some gf (beard?). Then when the rumors start flying, he does the PDA & PR thing+ to show everyone he is str8! But sometime down the road, they finally fess up and declare their true self (gay!) This is happening quite a bit with celebs and sports figures when they become popular they start building their closets and soon set up the travesty by ‘appearing to be str8’ with all kinds of PDA excursions. In sports, they usually come out after they retire (well,do you blame them they don’t want to lose all those endorsements!).In any event, the guy has it all and lets hope he doesn’t play this ‘game!’

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