PHOTOS: Daniel Garofali Takes A Dip In The Season’s Hottest Swimwear For “DNA”


PHOTOS: While winter continues to make up its mind whether to come or not, photog Rick Day and model muse Daniel Garofali remind us that summer is…nowhere in sight, really. But there’s a beach out there calling your name. For the latest issue of DNA, Garofali dons some skimpy Speedos and writhes around in the sand, proving you won’t need an open fire to warm your chestnuts around the holidays. Check out some photos from the shoot below and peruse the rest of the issue here.


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  • AuntieChrist

    Zzzzzzz! After a while these guys all look the same.

  • Sweet Boy

    Lean meat…no tats or piercings, nice…but his facial expression is always the same, he looks over-botoxed

  • NateB79

    There aren’t enough words for how hot these pictures are.

  • mgmchicago

    Beautiful man… some attractive bikinis… some awful bikinis (never have liked or understood giant logos on clothes, a denim bikini? ick…)

  • Spike

    And not shaved/waxed down. Shock & awe. With that said, doubt we will see guys walking around with their pubes peaking out of their swimwear anytime soon.

  • Rockery

    the pic with the maroon underwear is the best, but that first angle is HOTNESS. Wish they have lowered the camera to get all of the goods in

  • Fitz

    It’s nice to see a little body hair on a model. Still, I kind of agree.. he’s amazingly fit, but to a point where it’s just not sexy. And the denim? You wear those once in public and for the rest of your life you will be called a bitch douche.

  • samwise343

    Where are the fatties??!!

  • tardis

    Is he hot? Yes! Does he have a nice body? Yes! Does that make him attractive? Possibly.

    Yes, he’s hot, but they all pretty much look the same at this point, so it doesn’t really do anything at this point.

  • Franco C.

    Why do people always make negative comments about these models? If he’s not your cup of tea keep it to yourself. Everyone has their own individual look, and it’s unfair to criticize people based on their appearances anyway. He can look however he pleases, just leave it at that.

  • tardis

    @Franco C.: Because people are tired of having beauty defined for them.

  • Franco C.

    @tardis: Oh no I get that, trust me I do. I just don’t believe in criticizing people for something they can’t control, like their appearance. That goes for everyone.

  • jwtraveler

    It’s not the swimwear that’s hot. A diaper would look sexy on that body.

  • Derek Williams

    @Franco C.: I agree. Models like Garofali take a great deal of trouble over how they look and spend years working out to perfect this degree of muscularity.

    People who make snide comments populate pages like this, but don’t represent my views or my tastes. While I agree to some extent that a manufactured look and a stereotyped Hollywood view of beauty can have a depressing effect on people who can never attain that, when it comes to gay community, I would rather have someone like Garofali adorning the front cover of our gay men’s magazines than an obese alcoholic with a drug problem.

    For generations, gay imaging suffered from the “dirty old man” syndrome. But when we see stunning models of physical beauty like this, who are more generally connected in the public psyche with heterosexual sporting prowess, it instils pride for me. I am proud to leave magazines lying on my table for guests to thumb through.

    A number of years ago, my employer asked me to bring in a couple of gay magazines to work as they were considering advertising in them. The girls on the staff snapped them up and were oohing and aahing over them. They couldn’t believe guys that good looking could be gay. This is how we can help erode negative stereotyping. Same goes for LGBT athletes at the Olympics.

  • hotshot70

    I’d love to see him laying on a bed immediately after a hot passionate night. To see his sweaty spent body sprawled… mmmm, gotta go…

  • balehead

    Whether you’re educated or not….He’s Hawt!!…don’t feed the trolls on this page…

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