PHOTOS: Darren Young’s Most Badass Wrestling Moves


Yesterday, Darren Young became the first the WWE superstar to come out as gay and immediately moved up on our list of celebs we’d want to body slam us. Not only is he openly gay, he’s also openly sexy and will openly kick your ass. Be still, our spandex-clad hearts.

Young started out in the WWE in 2005 then signed a development deal as part of the first season of WWE NXT in 2010. Two years later, the strapping 6’2″ Young became a WWE superstar, as one half of the Prime Time Players tag team alongside Titus O’Neil.

Armed with an array of wrestling moves, we chose his most badass ones and gave them a Queerty twist.

Check out Queerty’s roundup of Darren Young kicking ass and taking names.

11. The “Atlas Shrugged”

22. “The Contraceptive”

33. The “Farewell To Arm”

44. The “Bear in the Backwoods Hug”

55. The “Leave Them Gagging”

66. The “Shade Of It All”

77. The “Shoulder You’ll Cry On”



8. The “That’s What You Get for Not Calling Me”

99. The “Scalping Tickets to the Gun Show”

1010. “The Happy Ending”

And then, of course, there’s his most devastating move, reserved only for battle and twerking royales. The Money Maker:

tumblr_m8m49xrYs91qg12g1If Darren’s auditioning for Magic Mike 2, consider him hired.







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  • balehead

    So masculine gays do exist……

  • mpwaite

    What a stupid comment @Balehead! There are masculine homosexuals everywhere!!

  • Kangol


    Please stop the hom•ophobia. There are all kinds of gay people, and many of the most effeminate men, and butch women, as well as trans people, have bravely put their lives on the line again and again, including at Stonewall and elsewhere, so that you can post here and elsewhere with impunity about gender stereotypes.

  • balehead

    I’m just saying …most gays on this site act like they don’t exist or shouldn’t…grow a life!…”Controlls”…

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