PHOTOS: David Beckham Could Get Nearly-Naked for Gays Again

o-DAVID-BECKHAM-HM-570As if you needed another reason to like David Beckham, here’s what he just told a British celebrity magazine about his racy 2002 photo shoot:

“I had no problem posing for Attitude then, and I would have no problem now,” says David, 38.

“I know that some people thought it was controversial, but I was just being myself…”

Okay, good to know! We are happy to facilitate such an arrangement.

Beckham went on that he wasn’t thinking about politics or perceptions — it just felt right. Yes, it felt right to us, too. In fact we’re feeling pretty right right now. So right we may need to take a cold shower.

For now, it doesn’t seems as though there are any specific plans for him strip down for another gay magazine. He’s just letting the world know that he’s ready for it. Hopefully next time, it’s for Inches.

And while we wait, here are some of our favorite Beckham shots from the archives. Remember when he used to be famous for doing sports?


beckham underpants 4 David Beckham posing for a roof top underwear photo shoot, London David Beckham shoots day two of his H&M advert in East London david-beckham-billboard-062708_0001-400x470 David-Beckham-Boxer-Briefs-2 davidbeckhamretired009 David-Beckham-Underwear-Armani_11 Bankoboev.Ru_david_beckham_v_trusah_ot_armani1 beckham-ritchie-hm david-beckham-walking elle UK beckham david beckham.jpg david-beckham-cover beckhamarmani3.jpg davidbeckhamarmani1 beckhamund beckham_david_bites.jpg