PHOTOS: David Beckham Wants To Stuff Your Stocking This Holiday Season


If the endless stream of Santa commercials haven’t beaten you over the head with it yet, Christmas is coming. Sure we’re still a good month and a half away, but next thing you know it’ll be Black Friday and the worst of humanity will come out over the last and latest — what are the kids even into this year? Anyway, if you want to get a jump on the shopping mayhem, or just want some decently-prized pajama pants, David Beckham and H&M have got you covered. The tattooed soccer star’s Bodywear holiday collection boasts merino wool pieces perfect for lounging, hibernating and bing-watching around in the coming winter months. Check out the new campaign images and some select pieces from H&M’s David Beckham Bodywear holiday collection.

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  • marc sfe

    Why do guys ruin their bodies with those hideous tattoos???

  • Louis

    @marc sfe:

    I agree its not attractive at all it actually takes away from the physical beauty.

    But as the old saying goes beauty is only skin deep looks always fade eventually.

  • dvlaries

    Whatever is it going to take to convince today’s newly twenty-somethings that that particular fad has been raped, murdered, buried and the grave desecrated?

  • Rbayse

    Don’t like tattoos, don’t get one. That man obviously like em, too bad you guys are dicks about people personal choices.

  • LandStander

    Well I think he is sexy as hell, tats and all :-)

  • scotshot

    @Rbayse: Time for anger management dear? They made a comment, which is a personal choice.

  • Teleny

    He looks cute in the leggings. :)

  • BlogShag

    @marc sfe:

    Beckham is bisexual for those of you who don’t know.

    And to answer your question… I don’t know. I don’t quite understand it either. Usually people that get tattoos and lots of them like he has have experienced some kind of abuse whether sexual or violent as youngsters. If you ask someone that’s tatted they’ll deny it up and down cause it’s not comfortable to talk about.

    Also, tatted people tend to be very sexual.

  • Ronbo

    @BlogShag: Bisexual, my ass! No seriously. bisexual my ass, please.

  • LandStander

    @BlogShag: You know that people say the same thing about gays right? “they have experienced some kind of abuse whether sexual or violent!” which is complete BS. Not everyone who gets tattoos is “troubled”

    Here is an idea, whenever you begin a line with “___ people tend to be very ____” or “_____ people have experienced sexual abuse!” You should just stop :-)

  • rbettenc

    @Ronbo: Ha! “Bisexual my ass.” Good one.

  • startenout

    @scotshot: Amazing he calls someone a dick for stomping on someone else’s personal choice and he needs anger management while ignoring the one above that calls the centuries old tradition a fad that “has been raped, murdered, buried and the grave desecrated.”

    Why don’t you al simply leave people alone to their choices? Guess what. Beckham didn’t get them to impress or turn on any of you and those of us who do, just benefit from his choice.

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