PHOTOS: Demonstrators Protest Prosecution Of Wikileaks Suspect Bradley Manning During DNC Convention

On Thursday, as Barack Obama prepared to accept the official nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for president, demonstrators in 34 cities nationwide targeted regional Obama campaign offices demanding the release of PFC Bradley Manning, accused of passing classified documents to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

In cities like San Francisco, New York, Autin, Sacramento and Washington, DC, protestors delivered a letter requesting the President “release PFC Bradley Manning and account for the abusive treatment he endured in the Quantico Marine Brig,” according to a press release from the Bradley Manning Support Network.

“Bradley Manning showed great courage in risking his life to do what’s right, by exposing evidence of war crimes and corruption our own government had hidden from us,” said said the Support Nework’s Michael Thurman in a statement. “Now we’re waiting for Obama to show a little courage and make good on his promise to have ‘the most transparent government in history’ by freeing whistle-blower Bradley Manning.”

The protest actions were met with varying responses In San Francisco, a delegate offered to submit a resolution to the national DNC, while in New York, building security wouldn’t let Manning supporters approach the campaign offices. The Support Network claims that, in Concord, NH, “staffers locked the campaign office doors and closed the blinds.”

Published accounts report Bradley, who has been held by authorities for more than 837 days, is gay and had met with a counselor to discuss issues regarding gender confusion and the possibility of a sex change. Though defense attorneys are submitting a motion in November to dismiss charges based on his unlawful treatment at Quantico, Manning’s trial is not scheduled to begin until February 4, 2013.

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  • jeff4justice

    Glad to see some real progressives instead of all these neocons posing as liberals at the DNC.

    Gay Inc mega groups and the LGBT blogs that kiss their asses brainwash LGBTs to throw other groups under the bus for their gain.

    Not 1 major LGBT blog nor LGBT group aside from MEUSA have given coverage to the true progressives such as the Green Party or Justice Party or socialist parties.

    If Wal-Mart ever becomes LGBT friendly you can bet HRC will be there to kiss their butt while they still screw over the poor people.

    Clearly my pitiful LGBT brothers and sisters who don’t care about Obama’s drone attack victims, drug war victims, whistleblower victims, and all the poor people getting screwed over by the 2party system charade. They don’t if Monsanto and Goldman Sachs ruin the human food supply and the economy.

    But in their defense they probably don’t know better because Gay Inc. does not address these issues in their self interests while their leaders make nice 6-figure salaries and the LGBT blogs that kiss their ass to be part of the in-crowd so they can get their press passes and got to the trendy events.

    How LGBTs groups ignore the oppression of others is like how Al Shaprton raises hell about Travyn Martin but ignores how Obama murdered Colorado teen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

  • jeff4justice

    Glad to see real progressives out there as opposed to all the neocons posing as liberals at the DNC in the 2party system charade.

  • tdx3fan

    @jeff4justice: Still stuck on stupid I see. Maybe they do not cover third party candidates because they are about as relevant as covering an ant getting squashed by a shoe. They have no chance in hell, and they only detract from the real issues at hand.

    As for Manning. He disclosed war secrets in a time of war. If even one soldier got injured because of what he has done then he deserves to be hung. That is what we do to traitors, and we used to do it much faster than this. No trial is needed when its so incredibly obvious he is guilty, and they have every right to detain him indefinitely. Anyone that is trying to defend him needs to check their priorities and his defense attorneys are scum.

    I really do not care how we treated Muslims in the Middle East or what we did to them. They all want to see us dead, and they wanted that before this war even started, so they get the treatment they deserve.

  • LandStander

    Go Jill Stein!

  • thenapcaptain

    @tdx3fan: Wow tdx3fan, you really seem like a thoughtful, well-informed person and certainly not a sheltered, goose-stepping bigot or anything. I bet people love talking to you at parties. They’re probably like “Man, I really enjoy this person’s graceful wit. This definitely isn’t some confused, broken-down person who laughingly tries to intimidate people on the internet with spittle-flecked nationalist vitriol.”

  • brent

    I feel sorry for Mannin. I think he was a disturbed person who was taken advantage of by that sleezbag Julian Assange.

  • Tom

    @tdx3fan: 1st the US is not at war. There’s been no invasion of the US. No declaration of war. Manning has not been convicted of anything. I admit US justice was handed out faster in the old days. The terrorist savages of the First Nations were murdered out of hand so you could have some place to sit your fat ass on.

  • jeff4justice

    @tdx3fan: @tdx3fan: There were short sighted people who never thought we’d see anything like a Constitution, woman’s equality, racial equality, LGBT equality and a black President.

    There is report after report showing voters leaving the 2partys system in droves and both Occupy and even the awful tea-party show voters are fed up with the status quo.

    If the media actually did its job and covered alternative parties equally then alternative parties would be viable. It’s a catch 22 and the media is clearly in with the 2party system and corporations to black out alternative party options.

    What’s more the 2party system does all it can to hinder alternative politcal parties with unfair election laws (see Ballot Access News for countless examples).

    Lastly, if you think Manning should be killed no jury no trail then no wonder you’re a foolish supporter of the 2party system that is killing civil liberties.

    And gee, ya think they hate us when our Presidents keep killing their innocent children overlie based wars?

    Get a clue you 2party system boot licker.

  • alphaking5

    @tdx3fan no one has been killed by wikileaks, so I guess your argument isn’t valid. seriously.. all of the impact assessments that have been released by the government two years later show there was no harm to national security caused by these leaks.

    these wars are illegal — and they have killed thousands of our brothers and sisters unnecessarily — and hundreds of thousands overseas unnecessarily. so if you’re actually concerned about spilt blood, you’d support any effort to end these illegal wars immediately. information revealed by WikiLeaks helped to end the war in Iraq by the end of last year — in spite of the president’s efforts to extend our presence there – even CNN briefly acknowledged this:

    instead of spreading rumors, lets debate the issue on the facts.

  • tdx3fan

    @jeff4justice: The last time in history that the two party system has been abandoned is the election between GHB and Clinton in which Perot managed to split the vote that should have all went to GHB. If he had not been in that election, we probably would have had GHB with a second term instead of Clinton. Perot did the world a favor. However, your advocating that people that would normally vote for Obama vote for a third party candidate is only doing a favor for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

    @alphaking5: Really, please explain why these wars are “illegal.” Afghanistan has harbored know terrorists and refused to comply with the United States so the United States led a military action there that was backed with full support by the United States President, the United States Congress and our allies at NATO. I fail to see where the illegality comes from.

    Also, there were plans to end the Iraqi war when it ended way before wikileaks even existed. It was planned to end by that date years before Obama was even in office. Obama even ran on a platform of withdrawing troops from Iraq.

  • jeff4justice

    @tdx3fan: Look you 2party system boot licker, I know you want a 2party system tyranny. People like you would vote between Stalin and Hitler and feel good that you got a choice.

    A vote for the 2party system charade is a vote for Goldman Sachs and Monsanto.

    No alternative party candidate cost the Democrats or Republicans the election – it’s actually the other way around.

    You will not turn me into a docile 2party system zombie. Take your piss poor ethics of condoning lie-based war, poverty and erosion of civil liberties to someone else.

  • alphaking5

    @tdx3fan — you don’t know your history that well then. the status of forces agreement was scheduled to expire at the end of 2011. the obama administration wanted to keep US forces in Iraq *past* that date into 2012. they were negotiating with the iraqi regime to do this around this time last year. during this period of negotiations, a wikileaks cable was released which showed that coalition forces had used an airstrike to cover up a war crime — which included the execution style slaying of innocent people — including women, children and infants shot through the forehead. our state department colluded in the cover up . when this information came to light, the iraqi public was further enraged at US atrocities and the cover ups. the iraqi public then put considerable pressure on their leaders to not continue to offer legal immunity to US troops in any negotiated extension of the SOFA. this was, of course, a red line for the Pentagon. talks reached an impasse over the issue of immunity and – lo and behold, our boys came home for christmas. thanks a LOT bradley manning.


    @jeff4justice: For jeff4justice, only!! GO Obama, Go!!

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