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  • wmcarpenter

    Tammie Brown turned it out!

  • Ian

    Regarding pic 6, DAYAMN that is one HOT nerd!

  • K.

    Pic #8… ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Cam

    LOL!!!! Pic # 5. AWESOME! Looks like a drunk Lucille Ball. Great!

  • gert

    RuPaul – was he always so thin?

  • Rob

    Niecy is killing me with those spiked shoulders.

  • Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England)



  • TimBo

    My gawd would someone please tell Tyra Banks to get rid of those ugly fake boobs! They make her look so fake and ugly.

  • Joseph


  • drewbrown

    Is there a reason most of these photos are not captioned? Kind of lazy, perhaps?

  • Kendall

    by looking at those pics I think the show should be called Nobodies, Not Now, Never Awards. Who are these people?

  • gregg

    I’m sorry but that shot of Cheyenne is awful. Bad angle, bad suit cut, and bad lighting. He’s breathtaking and his eyes can pierce a person’s soul.

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    Tyra Sanchez, beautiful, dear, bitchy Tyra Sanchez (Pic #10), has what looks like a whole chicken (or an aborted fetus) attached to her extravagant wig. I’m simultaneously horrified and hungry.

  • Tom

    Get it girl! This looks like a fun event =)

  • NickadooLA

    I assmed Wilson Cruz hadn’t owned a shirt that covered his arms since My So Called Life.

  • NickadooLA

    …and when I leave the “u” out of “assume” I succeed in only making an “ass” of “me”

  • fredo777

    Did it already come on? What the hell, man? I set my stupid Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client to send me an alert the day before it aired so I wouldn’t forget to watch it.

  • Cj Maciejeski

    #4 just made me a touch wet is all…who is he?

  • scott ny'er

    @NickadooLA: Yeah, Wilson is like that dude from Color Splash. Tank tops all the time, every day.

  • Joe

    No one mentions America’s Gaysian Sweetheart Alec Mapa? It comes down to me? Really?

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