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  • Ozment the Historian


  • demi

    he’a very cute

  • sioraiocht

    Nice eyes, but otherwise he’s just meh.

  • terrwill

    WOW! I did not think this boy could actually smile (#4), he is actually much hotter with that smile than the “I got a stick up my ass puss” he usually sports………Neva realized he has such great blue eyes also…………as for having a tatoo of his name on his back (#3)………Ya think thats for ehh..someone who might be behind him for some reason to remember his name??????

  • Amygdala

    Whatever…meh. Kudos. You guys have very, very high standards.

  • Rick

    Not really into the fro.

    Madge did better with Guy Ritchie.

  • Ozment the Historian


    its just that following the types of madge these last few decades has left me feeling … bored… she wants to fuck a botecceli painting, got it.

  • Steven

    Amazing contrast between pic #6 and #8.

    He looks almost dehumanised in the ‘model’ pose in #6, far ‘realer’ in #8.

  • Jake

    You old queens are just jealous that Madge can get someone this hot at her age and YOU can’t! Face it ladies!

  • Thom Freeheart

    Damn, if he doesn’t look fine in that suit. Yum.

  • hardmannyc

    He’s not bad, but as long as she’s going the cougar/kept-boy route, she could something a lot finer, since she’s just looking for a glorified fuck object (as are we all…)

  • Dabq

    Pretty eyes and not too much more and after Madge is done with him, even those will be tired and wore out.

  • M Shane

    Great! The fellow is obviously a clothing model. It seems so strange that so many people make the mistake of thinking that musclebound guys will make a suit. look good. They don’t .
    Check out especially #’s 2 & 6.
    He Looks like a real sweety when he’s with his boyfriend or whoever he has his arm around. Probably monogamous.
    I had a friend who did that professionally and quit after some time because it was so boring, albeit lucrative.

  • sal(the original)

    madonna sure knows how to pick her

  • Rikard

    WWJD? if I gave hin $50?

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