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  • BK

    A few decent shots, but overall very amateurish and disappointing. You can tell he’s wearing a jock in 20 but still the pants stay on.

  • Adam

    14 :) Otherwise fairly blasé…

  • terrwill

    Maybe its just Monday morning and I am not caffinated enough for my brain to activate but can someone please explain what the fcuk the headline means?? *confused*

  • Law

    @terrwill: “Edward Scissorhands”

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 4 Terrwill

    It means that whoever at Queerty posts the morning goods didn’t get their caffeine yet either. I suppose they were attempting to turn “Edward Scissorhands” into a lame pun.

    This boy is certainly cute enough but the photography is yawners.

  • declanto

    Color me ancient jade(d) perhaps, but I was more titilated by “Deliverance”.

  • Andrew

    I’m usually pretty happy with your choice of men (surprised how critical people are in the comments) even when they aren’t exactly my favorite. This guy’s first picture really turned me off. The first picture say “BAM! I’m a douchebag” and every picture after that all I can think is how big a douchebag this guy is :P Otherwise I enjoy starting my morning with beautiful men,

  • Jason

    He is hot in sort of a “I would do him but then disavow all knowledge” way.

  • Magmo


    Glad I’m not the only one who thought that when they first opened this page.

  • romeo

    Fits me to a T. Love that smooth skin. But that’s his problem here on Queerty. For some reason a lot of the commenters prefer their men hairy. Maybe Queerty should run some pictures of cute orangutans.

  • delurker again

    The first pic screams “I’m a queen who tries to hard to be masc.”

  • hardmannyc

    Cracker-hot. How did you find the only buff man in West Virginia?

  • DR

    I like.

  • EdWoody

    I think he’s delicious.

    I agree that this was not Queerty’s best attempt at a title pun, however.

  • CultureBear

    Gorgeous body and handsome face, but that giant dark cross tattoo totally kills it for me.

    I also get the “Edward Scissorhands” reference, but I don’t know what “miss your hands” is supposed to mean. I thought maybe he would be stumpy :-P

    Miles, you may be interested in pic 13, but not much else.

  • Hyhybt

    Apparently there’s a new meaning of “South Dakota” I’ve never heard of… or is that not supposed to make sense?

  • wmcarpenter

    You’re absolutely right.

    “BAM! I’m a douchebag”

    Over and over and over.

  • Stanley Steamer

    Jesus Christ I love #3!

  • Suburban

    Nice main pic. I love #2, those eyes and that body. #4, I wish my mouth was that log. @CultureBear, that 1 tat doesn’t bother me it’s when guys cover their bodies with them.

  • CultureBear

    @Suburban: I don’t mind tats, but when there’s just one and it’s THAT big and dark and it’s a CROSS … huh unh. It’d be like him wearing a giant crucifix while we —- lol

  • jeffree

    I admit i saw the “miss your hands” in the headline & thought it might b a guy w/ no hands but a amazing body anyway.

    oops. See how being 2 literal is unhelpful??

    anyway, i think he’s OK, gr8 face, but i’m so *not* a fan of the cross tattoo–its like when some Latino guy in a porno is covered w/ tatts of Virgin Mary or wearing one of those holy medals on a chain round his neck. & i’m not even a catholic!

    a guy at our gym is in a wheel chair but he still has *amazing* torso/ arms/ face. i would take fotos but that would b creepy! or maybe illegal. Very cute in the face 2 –but he never uses the shower so i dont know anything about the …. legs!

  • Chitown Kev

    Nice looking guy, photos are less than so-so

  • McShane

    He’ s certainly got a handsome backside (#13). wish we could se the wholre thin. I wouldn’t let tats keep me away. Ever.

  • Michael Edward

    Hey guys, just wanted to thank everyone for their comments (however harsh some are), lol. I had to clear up that the first “BAM/douchebag” picture was taken candidly backstage at a runway show and I was striking the goofy pose for fun…it is hardly a serious model shot. Also, my tattoo (which I love) is that big because its a cover-up.

    You can check out more of my stuff the way it is intended to be seen at :)

  • Michael Edward

    …And I’ll agree, I didn’t get the headline either, haha!

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