PHOTOS: Elias Wessel Shoots Amanda Lepore For “There Must Be More To Life”

Gay-nightlife icon Amanda Lepore is playing muse to a new photographer with the upcoming exhibit “There Must Be More to Life,” a series of oversized images by high-fashion shutterbug Elias Wessel going on view at New York’s ADC Gallery on September 20.

Taken at the hipster-haven Jane Hotel, the photos will be accompanied with videos “adding a sarcastic note, a touch of humor, a fresh regard, a question mark,” according to the press notes. “‘There Must Be More To Life’ looks with an ironic and critical eye at our permanent struggle with expectations and search for acceptance, both our own and society’s.”

An opening reception is being held on September 21, with Wessel and Lepore both in attendance, and the exhibit will run through September 23.