PHOTOS: ESPN Magazine‘s Body Issue Celebrates The Athletic Form


Speed skater Apolo Ohno

We warned you that ESPN’s “Body Issue” was on its way—and now its here.

If you didn’t pick up a copy, there might be one or two left at your local newsstand. If not, enjoy a slideshow of some of the male forms that grace its pages. Of course nothing can replace the feel of glossy print in your fingers as you caress…

We have to go do some push-ups now.


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  • v

    all beautiful. But #9 and #10 tie for incredible.

  • v

    BTW the issue features 22 athletes, some are women. Just sayin’.

  • tj

    Number 7 and 10 please

  • jkb

    3 and 9…yowza!!

  • M

    Seriously? You didn’t include Suzy Hotrod?

  • hunnylvr

    God forbid you include any of the women. I realize your site caters to mostly boys, but some of us lesbians also read for news and what’s going on in our “community”. One other question – how the hell is a racecar driver an “athlete”? Really?

  • Bryan

    Not bad, but I was most disappointed at Apollo Ohno’s pic, it was the one I was most looking forward to seeing.

  • Nate

    Absolutely love these pics! THANKS!!!

  • Cam

    number 4 was a little disturbing.

  • jason

    Well it’s refreshing to see naked men for a change considering much of the mainstream media magazines are obsessed with women’s bodies and push them in our faces every time we enter a supermarket or other store. Women’s bodies are over-objectified in our society, thus creating an imbalance that harms gay and bisexual men.

    Women need to shove off and let the beauty of the male form dominate the mainstream media. We’re sick of you, girls, we really are.

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    Nice Pix.. 2,7,and 5. Yum fucking yum. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Alexa

    And we’re sick of you Jason, so I guess we’re even.

    @hunnylvr: seriously, why the deliberate exclusion of women? You know full well lesbians read here, why the snub?

  • jkb


    As a man, I think they should post the female pics tomorrow (for good measure).

  • JayKay

    Heaven forbid there’s one site on the internet that doesn’t worship at the altar of the vagina. If you’re so eager to see the shots of the women I’m sure there there are literally hundreds of other sites displaying them with some prominence.

  • MassRopes

    @jkb: Gotta say, I agree, too. Queerty has always walked that line about whether it’s a site for gay men or a site for the entire queer community. Clearly the main focus is the guys, but every once in a while they’ll have a piece focusing on lesbians.

    Is Queerty trying to be more inclusive? Does they feel these stories are of such importance that they need to bring it to the attention of gay men? Is it just such a slow news day that they need filler?

    In all seriousness, does Queerty have a mission statement? Do you know what you want this e-publication to be?

  • CBRad

    @MassRopes: Maybe this all means…….everytime Queerty shows a gallery of men we will expect the next gallery to be of females? They will alternate ? Big changes coming?

  • mike128

    How is it that the race car driver has the sexiest body of the bunch?

  • Boy_wonder

    I agree with some of the comments here. I wanna see the girls too !! I think queerty should do another post just of the ladies!!!

    Some of us like both boys and girls, you know.

  • Tackle

    I also agree that Queerty should have included females.
    Which brings me to a question. Does queerty have any female writers??

  • jason

    Naked women generally do not represent gay rights. They represent submission to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. They represent submission to patriarchy. The only naked women I could stomach would be the ones with shaved hair who have abandoned the physical embellishments that sleazy straight guys prefer.

    We also don’t need lesbians or bisexual women whose aim in life is to please sleazy straight guys. True sisters don’t do this.

  • Catmann

    #1 is definitely #1. Ive always thought Apolo cute but who knew he had those amazing legs and arms definition. Yum!!!

  • Cam

    One thing I will point out to the women complaining about this post.

    Gay bars allow lesbians in. Many lesbian bars will not allow even gay men through the doors. When talking about exclusion, lets not pretend that lesbians are blameless in this area.

  • christopher di spirito

    The first six threads on Queerty this morning feature women. What are they complaining about? It’s like the ghost of Andrea Dworkin has taken up residence.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Alexa: @t: Totally with my gay sisters here. Love these shots and would like to see the women too, as these photos show off a natural athletic appeal instead of the more typical make-up look.

    Queerty posted about the ESPN body issue 2 weeks ago and included a video of the photo sessions, including those of many of the women. The video opening shot is all women, at least a dozen, naked, standing together side-by-side side-by-side, a tribute to all.

    As for poor misguided misogynist Jason, just be thankful you weren’t raised under whatever fucked-up scenario he was that created his totally psycho warped view of women and their sexuality.

  • An Ella Fan

    Saving the best for last!

    #10 – Blake Griffin.

    You go – straight to my house – boy!!!!!

  • hunnylvr

    @Cam: Really? That’s what you come up with? “Some lesbian bars don’t let in gay men”? Yes, because most of us “complaining” here are lesbian bar owners with sole control of this type of policy. What an asinine comment – not to mention irrelevant to the topic at hand. If this is supposed to be a gay boy only site, then maybe it should state that on the home page. I wouldn’t want to intrude on the sacred ground of the gay man. I guess I was under the mistaken belief that we are supposed to be a “community”. I know that in my personal life I have several gay men friends as well as lesbian friends, and we all have fun together and talk about many topics related to our community. However, maybe the rest of the world doesn’t think this way? Pardon me for attempting to keep up on what’s going on in the queer news.. or for wanting a woman to look at in a story like this so I, too, can comment on the subject.

  • Bee

    A lot of mainstream sites where the target is the straight male population will post the FEMALE pics, so why can’t anyone who wants to see that just go there? Maybe I’m new here, but I’ve always felt queerty was geared towards gay men in particular than the other members of the LGBT community.

  • Alexa

    @christopher di spirito: Andrea Dworkin? Seriously? Perhaps you should find out a bit more more about her before invoking her name. Hint: wanting to see naked pictures of women would not have been on her list of things to do.

    @jason: here’s the problem. You might be right if we were talking about a Playboy layout, but this is something where the men and women were treated the same, where the focus for both sexes was on their amazing and beautiful bodies not on titillating sleazy straight men. And your constant dismissal of women’s sexuality as being solely aimed at men is getting as tiresome as it is ludicrous.

    I’m not complaining about the pictures of men, or asking for equal time (never going to happen, I know that), just questioning why the women were deliberately left out when the original story included them.

  • jason


    The men and women are not being treated the same even in this ESPN spread. Why, for instance, isn’t there a group shot of men as there is of women?

    It’s because ESPN has a homophobic double standard. It is far more tolerant of showing naked women in a group than naked men in a group in case the latter suggests male homosexuality. And, as we all know, modern-day liberals are far more comfortable with female homosexuality than with male homosxuality even if it’s only a perception.

    Message to women everywhere: we are sick and tired of the double standards which you exploit in order to get preferential treatment. You have been put on notice. If you don’t stop exploiting double standards, we, the new gays, will work towards the introduction of new laws that take away your right to do this. If you want equality, fine. But play by the same rules as everybody else.

  • Cam

    @hunnylvr: said…

    “@Cam: Really? That’s what you come up with? “Some lesbian bars don’t let in gay men”? Yes, because most of us “complaining” here are lesbian bar owners with sole control of this type of policy. What an asinine comment – not to mention irrelevant to the topic at hand.”

    What a sad defensive comment. Thank you for proving that you aren’t really interested in equality just in bitching.

    Are you a lesbian bar owner? No you aren’t, but funny enough, you aren’t a world class athlete posing for a picture either. But then again, that wasn’t the point was it. The point for you was to lash out and deny anything accept attacking men.

    My point was that when it comes to exclusion, closing off an entire bar to men is a hell of a large exclusion. So pretending that Queerty leaving off a few pictures of women is the largest most horrible thing to happen is idiotic.

    But then again, a person so wrapped up in herself isn’t going to see that. I’m sure all the lesbians out there would like to thank you for exemplifying the worst stereotype.

  • Jay Pat

    this is making me have body issues lol

  • Bryan

    @Jay Pat: Really? Their bodies ARE NOT the normal standard for the average person, so why does it bother you?

  • TanyaHyde


    “@christopher di spirito: Andrea Dworkin? Seriously? Perhaps you should find out a bit more more about her before invoking her name. Hint: wanting to see naked pictures of women would not have been on her list of things to do”

    Alexa: Knowledge, facts and informed opinions are not exactly among Christopher’s strengths.

  • Milton Cecylia

    Cool photo show!! It’s really interesting show particularly for that ESPN’s “Body Issue”. So much enjoyable and liked it everyone. Thanks!

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