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  • Scott

    Ok, I’ll go first again…
    No reason to look at any of them except maybe for a glimpse of clipped pubes in #14. Oh, and to see the strange resemblance to Debby Harry.

  • Rye

    I’ll say it again…GET THUMBNAILS. Is it really that difficult?

  • Oldtimer

    Queerty used to have thumbnails and then dropped them so they could get more ‘pageviews.’ Don’t see any hope they will reinstate.

  • Brian

    @Rye: @Rye: @Rye:

    Thank you! I have almost stopped looking at queerty altogether because of their annoying photo presentation.

  • Nate

    @Scott: He does look a little like Debby Harry doesn’t he? Strange.

  • Jason

    Deb Harry ROCKS!

    However, Deb Harry as a fella is a BIT strange and creepy and sexy.

  • AlanInSLCUtah

    Did I miss the nude pics? Queerty did say that “Outside? He wears nothing.”

  • Steven W

    Yummy, but he looks distinctly overcooked in some of those.

  • Dude

    Bet he is a screaming bottom! I’d do him. I know I’m a pig.

  • David in Houston

    Nice body. Not a fan of arrogance… which he what he gives off.

  • Bradley

    So gorgeous! What I wouldn’t do for this man!

  • adman

    If your gonna go for the “fitness model look” Why not build some pecs too? Is it too butch? I don’t get it, these younger bottoms who want to look “cut” but don’t care if they’re big or not..oh well, I guess it’s the bodybuilder partner and straight guys at my gym who brainwashed me. Not to be overly geeky, just saying. Who cares anyway? I’m too old and not single, so carry on.

  • Monsieur Wasabi

    Pic #2 he looks like the perfect love child of David Beckham and Cameron Diaz.


  • filipe

    love him. he’s so smooth… makes me wanna lick his body

  • declanto

    Got as far as #14. OK, so he’s got definition. Pec’s are ok, check the six-pack, what’s with the love-handles? Is he proportionate? Why does he seem so stubby? Am I turning into a hateful old queer?

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