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PHOTOS: Experience Global Pride With Modus Vivendi


The new Modus Vivendi Pride line bursts with color and one hot model as the face of the collection in the first of a 10-part series. For the new release, Gavin Harrison captured the suave model in various looks from the new line as he shows off its athletic side.

Gavin Harrison is the first of 10 photographers around the globe set to capture the Pride Line. Each of the lines in the new Modus Vivendi collection was sent to a photographer, their task: to illustrate the new designs through their own visual style. After that, it’s just sex appeal and creativity.ModusVivendi-PrideLine9ModusVivendi-PrideLine13ModusVivendi-PrideLine19

For more information, go to The Underwear Expert.

Photo credit: Gavin Harrison

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