PHOTOS: Favorite TV Hunks Of The 1990s

The 1990s were like just a few years ago, right? Feels like only yesterday. Well, sorry to hurt those feelings of yours, fellas, but we’re 13-and-three-quarter years the way through the 2000s — and even the TV hunks from the 1990’s are getting older on us. We wrap up our three-part series with the studs of ‘90s television, and hope that you’ll let out a collective sigh with us.

Luke Perry

Luke Perry in Beverly Hills, 90210 (1992-)

That hair. That swagger. They way he just made Brenda and Kelly rip each other’s hair out over him — that’s our kind of guy. He was as cool as school gets.

Dean Cain

Dean Cain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997)

We’re a sucka for superheroes. True story. But Cain had a certain something extra bursting out of those tights and we were definitely not complaining.

Ben Bratt

Benjamin Bratt in Law & Order (1995 -1999)

Though we’re sure the show is still in first-episodes today (okay, it ended in 2009) Bratt spent just four seasons making us salivate over his sexy detective. We would have gladly been booked and cuffed by him anytime.

 Matt Fox

Matthew Fox in Party of Five (1994-2000)

In the battle of the beasts Fox beats out Wolf (as in Scott) by a hair — and it’s because of the hair. Truly. That scruff and that shaggy ‘do did all the right things to us downstairs.

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

Yes, he had Angel, too, but that’s in the 2000s, and thus, cheating on our list. So we’ll just have to lust on his titular character tormented and torn in SMG’s show.

 Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood in L.A. Law (1987-1994)

Currently starring in the TV redo of Ironside, Underwood just gets better looking with age. Plain and simple. End of story. We wouldn’t kick L.A. Law co-star Harry Hamlin out of bed for eating crackers either. Oh, wait. Carbs. Yeah, we would.

John Corbett

John Corbett in Northern Exposure (1990-1995)

We didn’t meet him as Aidan in Sex and the City until 2000 (he was even hotter in those latter episodes), but we have no problem giving him props for when he was that hippie-radio-deejay-dude in Northern Exposure.

John Stamos

John Stamos in Full House (1987-1995)

We’re gonna eat some of that damn yogurt he’s shelling these days, because he looks like he hasn’t aged in nearly 20 years — or he and Blair Underwood are sharing secrets — because Stamos looks tastier than ever.

Saved By Bell

Mario Lopez or Mark-Paul Gosslear in Saved By The Bell (1989-1993)

We remember both Zack and Slater fondly, of course, so we couldn’t choose just one. Who are we to pit friends against each other…especially if they both like to take their shirts off?

Melrose Guys

Grant Show, Andrew Shue or Jack Wagner in Melrose Place (1992-1999)

Okay, now we’re just blatantly cheating by adding three studs from one show, and saying it counts as one in our Top 10. But, truly, it’s because we’re not picky. We’ll take any of them. Or all of them. Thomas Calabro and Doug Savant, too, please. Thanks.

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  • Caleb in SC

    All of them still look great and a few look even better with a little age and maturity. David Boreanaz, however, has not aged one bit. Maybe he really IS a vampire.

  • MikeE

    Weird… the 90s were REALLY not my decade for finding good-looking guys on TV, I guess.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    What happened to Matthew Fox? Stamps still looks great!! As does Dave B

  • Icebloo

    Dean Caine was the hottest one from this selection and still is. In the UK the hottest man on TV in the 1990’s was Ross Kemp.

    Very disappointed the article about 1970’s TV stars didn’t include Lou Ferrigno – my first male TV crush. He still looks incredible today and he is in his sixties.

  • dvlaries

    Benjamin Bratt was a fine looking man, yes, but regular gay viewers of Law & Order would have found little chance to fantasize given that his character, Rey Curtis, was militantly, piously heterosexual, humorless, homophobic and judgmental.
    Far easier to enjoy was Chris Noth’s Mike Logan, who at least suggested he could loosen up in the right circumstances, and of course in the final years, we had the luscious Linus Roache as assistant DA Mike Cutter, and anyone who’d seen Roache in “Priest” (1995) had no difficulty dreaming.

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