PHOTOS: Fire Island Pines Is On Candid Camera


PHOTOS: To steal a line from Sex and the City 2, for those of you that bore it and loved it, sometimes you just have to get away with the girls. If you’re gay and in New York during the summer, one of those getaways is on Fire Island Pines, a location rich in sun, history, and, the obvious, boys. It comes as no surprise that, with so many fabulous and fit individuals hitting up the Pines, photographer Cyle Suesz would run into some fashionable attire during his adventures to document a weekend with friends.





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  • litper

    No femmes please

  • balehead

    The difference I was told by more than one individual about Fire Island in the 70’s from today is there were more masculine gays…now the effeminates are driving them out of existence….a masculine gay genocide???

  • rcs831

    All these super malnourished looking femmes are beginning to make it unfun to go places. I don’t need to hear you all fucking day being over the top, loud and frankly sounding a bit stupid.

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