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  • L.

    That’s one *severe* case of lordosis in #1.

  • M.

    This guy never changes his facial expression, does he?


    He gots the strangest looking belly button I eva saw………..

  • hudson

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: i think its rather cute- looks like a tortellini fell off his fork.

  • Ryan

    Can we get some men of color up in these Morning Goods please? THNX!!!!

  • AlanInSL.UT

    He looks like he has a bit of crazy behind them eyes. Its almost like he’s slightly unstable. Not sure exactly why he comes off like that, but he does to me.

  • vitaminE

    @Ryan: Oh I know…white men are great but every single day? You’d think men of color don’t exist…or don’t model, or Queerty doesn’t think they’re as hot as men of color. I personally like ALL men ;-)

  • AlanInSL.UT


    I could go for some polynesian boys, indian, native american, etc… I myself like to admire all skin tones. What can I say, I love skin. :)

  • Gary

    Sure ive seen this guy on some of these gay dating sites……hmmmmmmm may be wrong(lol, wow a male model who turns out gay)

  • suzygoo

    the belly button looks like a oversized clit-you sure he is not intersexed. Interesting sex possibilities. Oh, I am such a tramp for thinking like that!


    @suzygoo: You do realize that the vast majority of us here on Queerty St. have no idea what a clit looks like nor have eva seen one……… :p

  • Jack E. Jett

    There is nothing sexy about Scoliosis, he should be in a back and neck brace to straighten that out. Sure it is great for a stand up fuck, or looking for lost contact lenses……..but as a bit o meat to j/o to…………total FAIL.

  • swellster

    He looks like a sociopath … I’m just sayin.

  • neighborino

    He looks like Kirk Fogg from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    That was a good show. Olmec, telllll us about The Legend of the Model Who Looked Like Kirk Fogg. There will be a quiz and some stairs to step down later.

  • LJ

    Damn, you guys all sound bitter as hell. How many of you look better? He is a good looking guy.

    Agreed, there should be a wider ethnic range.

  • Ohwhatever

    Nice “legs”, shame about the face.

  • nineinchnail

    He has gorgeous legs. Id love to see him smile though.

  • James L. Greenlee

    His belly button looks like a logo. He should trademark it.

  • pete

    He looks like he is about to go on a murderous rampage any second now…..

  • rudy

    Other than #18, it’s a tertible set.

  • ron

    @rudy: Actually, including #18 it’s a terrible set……..

  • Winky

    He’s on manhunt dot net. Or his faker is. Look up “lucasoz”

  • Curtis

    He doesn’t do it for me whatsoever. boring.

  • Lucas

    Firstly I’d like to say that I did not approve any of these photos going on this site and have asked for them to be removed (which has not happened). Secondly, I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be a model so get over yourselves and stop judging me. These photos have been pulled from Facebook against my will. I don’t really care what any of you look like but I can fairly safely assume that none of you are Brad Pitt or a runway model, so get over yourselves and try to say something positive for once. I did not post these photos looking for any acclaim or recognition. Someone else has done that. If they had bothered to steal any other photos of mine, the vast majority of them are of me smiling. In response to the belly button comments; it looks the way it did because of an operation I had on my stomach which left it looking very strange. I must apologise for getting the surgery to save my life. I should have chosen the option to be a corpse with an acceptable belly button to the gay community instead. As for the comments regarding me being a psycho serial killer; that has only become true since finding my photos posted on this site against my will.

  • Soupy


  • Lucy Guzman

    Is that his belly button or his penis?

  • Lucas

    Oh for God’s sake, grow up people.

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