PHOTOS: Five Questions for Russian Model Kirill Dowidoff


We have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kirill Dowidoff—though after looking through these photos, there’s very little of this Russian stud actually left unseen. Our friends at The Underwear Expert spoke to the 21-year-old model, whose delicate grasp on English is almost as endearing as his ridiculous body. But we’ll let you decide.

How long have you been modeling?

Kirill: I started working as a model six months ago.

What’s your favorite food?

Kirill: I travel a lot. I like good tasty food. Preference is given to meat and seafood, but in general I like Russian food.

What’s the strangest modeling experience you’ve ever had?

Kirill: The most interesting experience in modeling I’ve had is this for sure: When we shot with the animals for ES Collection, the tiger was like a cat–so sweet and gentle–but he did not expect my modeling and jumped on me and knocked me down.

Do you do anything besides modeling?

Kirill: I am a student at the university, doing vocals. And I love the production of the musicals and to participate in them.

Are you single?

Kirill: I am not alone. I have a boyfriend and girlfriend! He he….

Oh, did we also mention Kirill is bi-sexual? To read the full interview and check out more photos of Kirill Dowidoff, visit The Underwear Expert.

Photo Credits: Vogit Sergey, Ruslan Elquest, Alex Beco, Artem Subbotin, Serge Lee, Mitya Nevsky, Joan Crisol, ES Collection

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  • Charles175

    Wow, I thought he was about 30 or so. He’s that rare 10 in my book. Great masculine face, gorgeous build and a real nice hiney. I’d top and in turn bottom for this one any day!

  • yaoming

    @Charles175: Seconded.

  • rcs831

    I bet he’s about 5’6″

  • Gigi Gee

    @rcs831 — Who gives a sh!t? No matter what how tall you are I’ll be you don’t look anything like him, hence your comment.


    What no one ask him if he GAY?. AdamHomo

  • Scribe38

    @rcs831: Works for me… love topping shorter guys

  • Fidelio

    Holy, crap, this guy’s kinda perfect.

  • Rfuller85

    According to online sources:

    Kirill’s vital statistics:
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 183lbs
    Chest: 42”
    Waist: 33”
    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: brown

    Definetly not 5’6

  • mlbumiller

    @Rfuller85: But, is he a left, right or switch hitter?

  • litper

    It’s refreshing to see an openly BI russian guy, especially at that time when Russia is slowly turning into Uganda


    Great physique! #2 is great because it shows both his lower and upper body…the angle really shows of his quad sweep. Great post, Queerty!

  • Charles175

    @Scribe38: I’ve both topped and bottomed for two different horse jockey built type men. In both cases I enjoyed my ability to gently fill them to their max and in turn they enjoyed attempting to do the same. On the other hand, I’ve never had the opportunity to do a tall guy but I would be open to it.

  • imperator

    Anyone else see something… I dunno, perversely ironic about picture #5? First thought that popped into my head– “the American ideal of male beauty… made in Russia. Because 2/3 of Americans are now overweight or obese.” Second thought was “I wonder if he feels ‘colonized’ by the photographer’s nationalistic bias.”

    In any event, omnomnom, he could sit on my face until I assphyxiated (deliberate typo, yes).

  • B Damion

    Jesus I came in for pic#8..yes god honey.

  • jvp3299

    If he lives in Russia, he should think about moving. Being gay or bisexual in Russia is extremely difficult and can cost him his freedom.

  • balehead

    He’s hawt….stop the gay separtist bullying already…..

  • balehead

    He’s hawt! A real “man machine”…..

  • darkanser

    There’s a reason for that first pic. His buttocks was all I needed to see.

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