PHOTOS: Five Questions with Miami Model Julian Gabriel

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DNA cover model Julian Gabriel recently opened up to our pals at The Underwear Expert about his life, modeling, fitness, dating, yadda yadda yadda… Oh you just care about the sexy photos, admit it!

Well, we’ve got some of them, too.

How were you scouted?

dna-sexiest-men-issue-2012I was pretty much scouted through some of my pictures on Facebook from when I was at a music festival here in Miami called Ultra. Music festivals are huge for me. I’ve been going to them since I was 16 or 17. They ran into a couple of my pictures that I think Ultra might have used, and somehow they found me and got my information. I got an email from them and that’s pretty much it.

It was a little weird at first because I didn’t know if it was a creepy kind of a thing, but it was legit and I was in Elite’s office the next week having a meeting with them.

We hear its hard for models to date. Do you go out much?

Dating has gotten kind of hard. I never had a problem with it before modeling. Ironically, now it’s becoming kind of an issue. There’s, you know, jealousy. It’s a complicated issue at the moment.

They’re jealous that you’re on magazine covers?

Well, you definitely get a lot of guys coming up to you at the gym. If you’re out in public, they’ll ask to take pictures of you at the mall. I definitely was not prepared for that. I didn’t think I would become this popular so fast. I’m definitely fortunate because it gets me jobs all around the world. But it comes with negatives, one of which is obviously having a relationship. I guess I haven’t found that right person who doesn’t really care.

We’re totally jealous of your physique. Can you walk us through your regular gym routine?

Before I was signed, I would go super hard at the gym with weights. I always swam. I’m a member at LA Fitness and I use their pool like three or four times a week so that’s where I get my cardio from. I used to use a lot of weights and I was always trying to get bigger. As soon as I entered the modeling world, they were like “yeah, everything’s great but you need to tone that down.” So my current gym regimen is pretty much cardio-cardio-cardio and abs-abs-abs. I look at the weights from afar and say, “hi,” but then I keep walking the other way.

You’re in law school—how do you do work that in with modeling?

Julian: I studied pre-law and specialized in litigation and advocacy, entertainment and sports law [in college]. Now, I’m in my second year of law school. Modeling definitely sideswiped me. I never really saw myself getting into that or ever being scouted or anything. It just happened pretty naturally. I got signed down here in June or July of this summer. It’s been keeping me busy, but I really fell in love with it.

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