morning goods

PHOTOS: Forget Elmo, We Want A “Tickle Me” Lucas Glover

MORNING GOODS — Listen, we weren’t kidding about this headline for Lucas Glover. What are you supposed to do when the glove — or these painted on briefs — do fit?

Photos: Redsnapa, Alex Photopaint, F. Rizzato, S. Le, D. Brade

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  • James

    i dont get it. this guys uglu as F*&^

  • Josh F

    @James: I don’t find him that attractive, but I think the thing is he is in great shape, and that’s what draws people to him. To each their own though.

  • MikeE

    @James: I’m sorry, but no. By any objective criteria, this guys is not “uglu as F*&^”.

    He may not be your type, but that doesn’t make him “uglu”.

    People with attitudes like yours make this a worse world to live in.

  • George W. Tush

    Get this boy a cheeseburger and, please, take away his razors. The poor thing looks tortured.

  • AshNYC


  • dellisonly

    I agree that he is unimpressive but it is nice to see this feature back on the page. Guess ad revenue was down.

  • iDavid

    And his “great shape” ass shot is missing because….?

  • samwise

    The only shot worth looking at is the lifting the shirt one. But even that one is questionable.

  • Brickman

    Wow the jealous bullying continues….what do you all look like?…..

  • Gigi

    Y’all need to give your heads a shake. He’s not your type. Move along!

  • Rooney

    Digging the look on his face in most pics.

  • Mangina

    Nice body. Fucked up face. Well you can always put a bag over his head in bed.

  • kevin

    CMON ON IN STR8 PEOPLE AND READ THESE POSTS !!! this is what is to be gay ..
    fun huh??

  • Chelsie

    This guy is smok’in hot.

  • iDavid

    Kevin, str8s don’t hold all the cards in the rational better than department I.e. the repubes, so relax cupcake, gay or str8, it’s all good.

  • GayGuy

    I find it appalling and sad that the commentators above think it appropriate to post vicious comments here about the model’s appearance. This man is, objectively, very good looking, extremely fit, and obviously a successful model. If he’s not your cup of tea, then fine. But to actually take the time and post cruel insults is just sad. He’s a human being too. Just like you and me. With feelings, insecurities and vulnerabilities. Let’s be kind to one another. Life is hard enough as it is.

  • mrlbumiller

    Geez, what is up with people just tearing people down? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anthing at all. Bad enough that people have to deal with all the negitive crap outside the “community”, that our own “community” treat people like garbage to.

  • nickname

    yummmmm this guy makes me happy to be gay

  • DrewSF

    Yeah I agree these guys are fugly to me, but I am NOT into twinks like them at all.

  • Scott

    I’m guessing all the haters are actually bitter old single queens with notihing better to do than insult others.

  • David

    Who is this, and how does this qualify as “gay news”? Queerty is such a fucking joke TBH. They see a half-naked man and cream their panties. Seriously, grow up, this site is an embarassment.

  • Scott

    @ David, where does it say anywhere on the website that Queerty only reports news and nothing but? Get over your self-righteous self already!

  • starlite auto theatre

    Elmo needs to suck that nipple. Milk does a body good.

  • Wholly Mary


  • Justin Hollon

    What’s up w/ this guys face? He’s got some unique features but it hardly makes him ‘morning goods’ worthy.

  • gentle reader

    i’m just sick of the overbranded designer underwear thingie

  • No

    The photo with Elmo is disturbing. And the guy’s face is not attractive.

  • Daez

    Tweaked out twinkie. Butter face!

  • JimmyBobby

    I wish they would start using sheer underwear in these things. So ’80’s.
    And I am saying nuttin about his looks.

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