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PHOTOS: Is the former White House photographer for Obama totally trolling Donald Trump?

On Inauguration Day 2017, the former chief official White House photographer, Pete Souza, deleted his old Instagram account and began a new one charting The Way We Live Now.

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And, as New York Magazine notes, Souza appears to be doing so in a particularly sly manner that’s probably all but lost on the current administration.

So far, this new account is focused on posting old photos from the Obama years that stand in marked contrast to the trajectory of current events in 2017.

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As you’ll see below, most of the photos feature Obama paired up with the same world leaders Trump is busy meeting, albeit without all the conspicuous eye-rolls and vividly awkward handshakes.

Here are some highlights.

White House light switches; a casual primer. Trump’s staff was reportedly baffled by those darn switches, holding meetings in dark rooms: 

Those damn lights 😉

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A not-so-subtle statement on the lack of women in Trump’s top administration roles: 

Meeting with top advisors. This is a full-frame picture. I guess you'd say I was trying to make a point.

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Compare and contrast to Trump signing an anti-abortion order surrounded by men:

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo meets with Obama without rolling his eyes: 

With Prime Minister Abe after visiting Pearl Harbor last December.

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Compare and contrast:

Prime Minister Trudeau comes to the White House and things aren’t awkward:


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Compare and contrast:

Obama discussing national security in a makeshift tent specifically constructed to discuss sensitive information: 

Compare and contrast to this recent scene at Mar-a-Lago: